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‘Real Madrid need a killer No.9 but not Kane or Lewandowski’ – Sanchez wants another Ronaldo

14:34 BST 05/05/2020
Lewandowski v Kane
The Blancos legend is a big fan of Karim Benzema, but feels the Frenchman is more of a support striker and needs a prolific presence alongside him

Real Madrid need to find another “killer” No.9 in the Cristiano Ronaldo mould, says Hugo Sanchez, with doubts cast as to whether Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski would fit the bill for the Blancos.

Two star strikers on the books at Tottenham and Bayern Munich would certainly tick the right boxes when it comes to strike rate, and both have seen moves to Spain mooted in the past.

Sanchez, though, is not convinced that either would be right for Real in 2020 given their injury record and age respectively – with Kane having suffered hamstring problems this season while Lewandowski has passed his 31st birthday.

Several options are reportedly being considered by those at Santiago Bernabeu, with the general consensus being that Karim Benzema needs assistance in the final third – despite the Frenchman having hit another 19 goals this season.

Sanchez told AS when asked what Zinedine Zidane needs to find in the transfer market: “Madrid needs a killer in the area, as I was, as is Cristiano, who for many years performed that function at the Bernabeu perfectly. So you have to find another.”

Pressed on whether he rates Benzema and who could be brought in, the Blancos legend added: “How can I not like him? He is a striker with exceptional class, but he is not a killer, he is not a pure man of the area.

“He is a great second striker. He is as Butragueno was. Emilio and I understood each other perfectly. Karim could use a killer ahead of him.

“I used to like Harry Kane, but with so many injuries he's stalled. And Lewandowski has the problem of age. The search is not easy.”

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe is a long-standing target for Real, with efforts having been made to acquire the World Cup winner when he left Monaco in 2017.

Erling Haaland is another exciting prospect that Madrid are said to have their eye on, with the Norwegian teenager having remained a prolific presence since swapping Red Bull Salzburg for Borussia Dortmund.

Sanchez can see plenty of potential in the 19-year-old Norwegian, but would prefer to see the Blancos acquire a more experienced performer.

The Mexican said of Haaland: “He has talent and a nose for goals. Madrid can take him into account for the future.

“But this team needs someone to come ready-made, with proven experience and baggage behind them, as I came in after four years of scoring goals at Atleti.

“He is still very young. Madrid has to have the best in the world in every position.”