'Mancunian for life' Guardiola will not manage another Premier League club

The Catalan coach feels such strong ties to his current side that he would find it impossible to face them as the boss of a direct rival

Manchester City will be the only side Pep Guardiola manages in the Premier League, with the Catalan considering himself to be “Mancunian for the rest of my life”.

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss is into his third season at the Etihad Stadium, with more major honours being chased down after a record-breaking 2017-18 campaign.

Guardiola secured a top-flight title and Carabao Cup double last term, with the history books rewritten by a dominant domestic force in the English game.

The 47-year-old is determined to deliver more success for a club and fan base that has offered him so much support, with it now impossible for him to contemplate coaching a direct rival.

Guardiola told BBC Radio 5 Live on his achievements at City and plans for the future: “Statistics and numbers are nice, but numbers are not passion. It does not give you something. It is better to say after 10 years I remember this final and how well we played, to remember the way we have done it.

“Titles are important of course, and they have helped me have jobs and to keep working on my passion.

“But I think all the managers we are happy with our old players, when we can laugh and hug and have a good relation. Everyone loves to be loved, it is the secret of our lives.

“I will be Mancunian for the rest of my life. I will be a Manchester City fan and it will be impossible to train another team like Manchester City in England because I feel love from the people here.

“When the people say, what do you want? To be loved. The most nice thing is when you feel good with the other people.”

Guardiola’s exploits at City have seen him build on triumphs enjoyed elsewhere, with a man schooled at Barcelona still looking to make the most of the lessons he took from Johan Cruyff during his playing days at Camp Nou.

He said of the iconic Dutchman and the influence he has had on his career to date: “He helped me to love this game, to love football, and to love it you have to understand it.

“He gave us secrets, because they were things nobody else saw. The way he sees football is totally different; he had a lot of power in that way. Obsessive, demanding, stressful. He was like a brutal father. He was so rough - so tough, you cannot imagine.

“Nothing was easy, and there was a time when I could not stay with him anymore, but he was fair.”

Pep Guardiola Manchester City

Guardiola has adopted a similar approach to his managerial career, with a demanding mentality seeing him strive for continuous improvement as he embraces the need to constantly evolve.

A man who introduced ‘tiki-taka’ football to the world at Barcelona added: “I think humanity goes forward because people don't accept what the reality is and try to discover new things.

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“If you don't try to be creative and don't ask why do we have to do that, why not another way, then humanity doesn't exist anymore. These kind of people are necessary to make humanity much better.

“Football is nice because what works today doesn't work tomorrow. Sometimes you are doing something well and you say OK, if we continue that way it will start to go bad. When you see the signals, you have the feelings, you have to do something different.

“All managers, we make a lot of decisions because of feelings. We have a lot of information about the opponents you meet, you put in the brain, but you have to live the feelings.”