'Some would say I'm a b*stard!' - Mourinho defends his record & rules out taking job in England

Jose Mourinho Man Utd 2018-19

Jose Mourinho has revealed that it is unlikely that his next job will be in the Premier League.

The Portuguese has been out of the game since he was sacked by Manchester United in December, prompted by a run of disappointing results that culminated in a 3-1 defeat to Liverpool.

Mourinho delivered the Europa League and Carabao Cup during his time at Old Trafford, but the club's board and fans expected more from the 56-year-old, who won the Champions League with Porto and Inter as well as domestic titles with Chelsea and Real Madrid.

He is eyeing a return to management next season, but insists he will not be taking over another club in the Premier League and hit out at those who doubt his credentials after his lack of success at United.

"I'm back in London but I don't think the next stop will be in the Premier League," he told  DAZN. 

"The trophies [I've won in the past] are the guarantee of my [future] success. Even those who do everything possible to forget [my achievements], it's not possible.

"The last trophy was the Europa League a year and a half ago; some people think it was 20 years ago. The last final I played was eight months ago, the FA Cup final. Right now I'm preparing for the future."

"I don't feel that I'm wasting my time [by being out of a managerial job at the moment], because I've been working for practically 18 years without stopping. You don't usually have much time to think about when or where you went wrong. These months when I haven't been working in football, every day has been very useful for me."

Mourinho was also asked what he could bring to the table for prospective employers who may be looking to offer him a job, insisting that some of his former players would refer to him as being a "b*stard".

Jose Mourinho Paul Pogba Manchester United West Ham 290918Getty

Reports of a tumultuous relationship with Paul Pogba during the duo's time together at Old Trafford have dominated headlines, although Mourinho insists he is only "horrible" with people that don't share his ambition.

"[I would bring] quality, knowledge, experience and limitless ambition. But I am also horrible after a defeat, horrible with the people who have less ambition than me," he added.

"[They say] 'Jose the man is emotional, he thinks so much about others'. 'Jose the coach is pragmatic, intelligent and domineering'. 'I like Jose as a person, it's a shame that people know the coach more'.
"How would players describe me in one word? Some will say a bastard. Why should they choose me? To win. In fact, I'd ask them directly: 'If you want to win, if the one condition is winning, then we can start talking.'"

Mourinho has previously talked up the Bundesliga, praising the set-up at Bayern Munich and Dortmund, while he has also been strongly linked with taking up a role in Ligue 1 - something he has said would be of appeal.