Ronaldinho has luxury cars and snooker table seized as dispute over £1.7m fine drags on

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Ronaldinho’s ongoing dispute with Brazilian authorities has led to the Barcelona legend having luxury vehicles and other personal possessions being seized during a raid on his home.

The World Cup winner and his brother Roberto were convicted of illegal construction in February 2015 and ordered to pay 8.5 million Brazilian Real (£1.7m).

Along with company Reno Constructions and Incorporations Ltd., they were found to have built a sugar mill with a fishing platform and a pier in a permanent preservation area on Lake Guaíba without permission.

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Failure to meet the demands of the state has resulted in Ronaldinho having his passport seized and bank accounts investigated – with a balance of just 24.63 Brazilian Real (£5) discovered .

While that would suggest that the 38-year-old is short on funds, that is not the case and the District Attorney's Office (MP-RS) are in the process of trying to prove as much.

Ronaldinho is considered to have the money to clear his debt, but is refusing to part with it.

As a result, his battle with the MP-RS appears set to drag on.

Brazilian Justice authorised a search of his property on Wednesday, with cars and paintings among the possessions to be taken.

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A statement released by the District Attorney's Office read: “Porto Alegre Environmental Justice Promoters accompanied, on Wednesday morning, compliance with a search warrant and seizure of vehicles and luxury goods at the residence of Roberto de Assis Moreira.

“During the execution of the warrant, three luxury vehicles and a painting by the painter André Berardo were seized. In addition, several items with economic value were listed, such as televisions, snooker tables and foosball, among others.”

Ronaldinho, who represented the likes of Barca, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain during his distinguished career, announced his retirement from professional football in January with a standing among the all-time greats safely secured.