World Cup 2022 kits: Nike release new shirts for Portugal, USA, France and more

Nike World Cup 2022 kitsNike

Nike has dropped their 2022 World Cup kits ahead of the tournament this winter. Countries like Australia, Croatia and Saudi Arabia all get new home and away kits for when the tournament kicks off in Qatar on November 20.

The England kits will not be released just yet due to the national mourning period after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. However, they have been leaked online with pictures featuring Harry Kane and Phil Foden wearing the home and away shirts.

Nike World Cup 2022 kitsNike

Nike has pushed boundaries by intertwining vibrant colours synonymous with each nation into bold designs.

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Nike World Cup 2022 kits 2Nike

The kits were revealed in a new promotional video featuring the likes of Phil Foden, Sam Kerr, Virgil van Dijk and Jéssica Silva. There's also a special appearance from Dutch legend Edgar Davids, who dons an old-school Netherlands shirt.

Here's a look at all of the Nike World Cup 2022 kits:

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Australia Portugal World Cup 2022 kitNike

Nike has paid homage to the landscapes of Australia with a Through University Gold, Tour Yellow and Green Noise colourway for the home shirt. The design is inspired by the sandy beaches and lush forests of the Outback. In contrast, the away kit comes in a deep Obisian and Green Glow colourway to represent the deep oceans surrounding the nation, with the glow representing the teeming sea life and reefs.

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Canada World Cup 2022 kitNike

The Canadian home and away strips reflect the red and white colours of the nation's flag. The maple leaf, which is synonymous with the country, features on the crest. Both kits are the same ones that the players would have worn throughout the past year, as the kit development cycle differs for Canadian soccer.


Croatia World Cup 2022 kitNike

Instantly recognisable on both kits are the checkered pattern, which also features on the club crest and represents the nation's pride. The home kit comes in a classic white and red colourway, with the chequered print bleeding into the front of the shirt for an abstract look. The away shirt comes in a navy colourway and blurs the lines of the squares as a nod to the Croatian coastline.

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France World Cup 2022 KitNike

Nike's kit designs for the World Cup holders are all about celebrating the new France, which looks to the future and celebrates the country's heritage. A lowkey oak leaf and olive branch pattern on the navy shirt represents solidarity, peace and strength. Similar to their 2012 home kit, it features a buttoned collar. The away kit is arguably more striking, inspired by the toile de Jouy, and includes famous symbols like botanicals, the Arc de Triomphe and the cockerel.

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Netherlands World Cup 2022 kitNike

The unmistakably vivid orange drapes the Netherlands home kit, but this time with an added twist. A mix of Orange peel and Laser Orange intertwine to almost give a shiny silk effect to the shirt. It's also reminiscent of the mane of a lion, a symbol historically associated with the nation. A blight blue and red colourway dress up the away shirt, showcasing the beautiful blend of football and culture and how they influence each other.

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Poland World Cup 2022 kitNike

Both of Poland's new Nike kits focus on the culture and heritage of the nation. The home kit features an intricate print which portrays the nest and feathers of the white eagle, a prominent feature on the country's coat of arms. The away shirt is decorated in Sport Red, with white sleeve cuffs to complete Poland's national colours.

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Portugal World Cup 2022 kitNike

National pride is at the heart of both Portuguese shirts, with the Pepper Red and Gorge Green shades borrowed heavily from the country's flag for both kits. The home kit mimics the flag wrapped around the body, with a diagonal line separating the two prominent colours. A Sail White colourway is the base of the away shirt, letting the green and red once again be the stars of the show in a central strip that runs across the jersey.

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Qatar World Cup 2022 kitNike

For the home nation of the tournament, the Desert Maroon shirt features a white triangular trim on the sleeve cuffs to mirror the design of the Qatari flag. The nation's crest is higher on the shirt to acknowledge the country's status as the home nation. A white away shirt features a muted beige pearl graphic to pay homage to the pearl diving history popular on the country's coastline. When worn and in motion, the kit should evoke an image of a sandstorm.

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Saudia Arabia

Saudi Arabia World Cup 2022 kitNike

The Saudia Arabian home and away kit may just feature some of the boldest prints from Nike's 2022 World Cup kit collection. The home shirt features a light grey feather print inspired by the falcon and is also on the nations club crest. The green away kit features a forest green and lighter green all-over graphic print, which showcases a sense of speed.

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USA World Cup 2022 kitNike

The USA's World Cup designs have drawn inspiration from the nation's varied sports. For example, the home kit, which features an upper navy arch is similar to those found on a basketball jersey. The bold shoulder cut-outs in navy and red are akin to the patterns on hockey jerseys. Meanwhile, the away kit features a bold tie-dye-like blue pattern to celebrate the diversity and youth of the country.

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