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'I did not tell anyone about this before' - Messi reveals full story of emotional Maradona tribute

17:49 BST 30/05/2022
Messi Maradona
The Argentine says there was destiny involved in his decision to wear his idol's Newell's Old Boys kit

Lionel Messi has revealed the full story behind his 2020 tribute to idol Diego Maradona, as well as his future plans with the Argentina national team.

The Argentine forward says the Newell's Old Boys kit he showed off after scoring for Barcelona shortly after Maradona's death came from his home collection and by fate presented itself to him.

Meanwhile, Messi said it's "very difficult" to imagine participating in the 2026 World Cup when he will be turning 38, but hasn't come to a final decision.

What did Messi say about his Maradona tribute?

"I'm going to tell you something about the celebration that I didn't tell anyone before," Messi said to TyC Sports.

"I was lying in bed with [my wife] Antonela and I told her: 'I have to do something for Diego, I have to do something.' I have the part from the [personal collection], with the trophies, t-shirts, and I'm going to see what's there. I went to look for a national team t-shirt or something.

"I went up and there is a little door that is always closed, where we put things. It was just open. There was a chair and on top was the 10 of that Newell's t-shirt. I went in and saw it.

"That door is always closed and I don't know what it was doing there actually, I didn't even remember I had it. I saw it like this and I said: 'That's it.' It was incredible.

"I hadn't been scoring many goals at that time and it wasn't that I scored goals every game and I was sure. It happened that we were going two or three to nil and the goal wasn't given. Then that play appeared out of nowhere."

Will Messi play at the 2026 World Cup?

"The truth is that I think about this World Cup [in Qatar] and then I will see," he said. "Many things can happen, football is very changeable. And honestly, it seems very difficult to me, but I have nothing clear."

Messi on Aguero's retirement

The PSG star said the retirement of compatriot Sergio Aguero due to a heart condition was tough for him to handle, as the duo had become very close throughout their careers.

"I especially concentrated with him, I was by his side all day, we got up together, we went to sleep together, and the truth is, yes, I miss him," Messi said.

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