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'Louis Vuitton wash bags are what's wrong with football'

11:47 BST 08/10/2016
Seamus Coleman blasted the distractions present in modern football and questioned the character of professionals who are obsessed with their image ...

Everton defender Seamus Coleman blasted the professionalism and priorities of players in modern football, using Louis Vuitton wash bags to illustrate his point.

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The 27-year-old hit out at the prima donna nature of footballers, stating that they are too concerned about their image and less on playing.

And the right-back lamented the fact that youngsters are particularly suceptable to such behaviour, warning against such distractions and adding that players should focus on playing instead of fashion trends.

"If I see a footballer with a Louis Vuitton wash bag I wonder what that does to others," Coleman told the Daily Mail

"If you are the only young lad in the changing room without one then you feel that pressure that you need to go out and get one. Even if you don't want one or even like one.

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"That's what I think is wrong with football. It's completely wrong. Your job is to train well and play well on Saturday and do well week in, week out. That's your job.

"Your job isn't to be going out and buying the best of everything just because someone else is. But they feel they all need to have the best because of the pressure.

"They think they need to look good on their Instagram pictures. They think they have to follow the leader but they are just kids – boys."