'I don't think they know what they're doing' - Jenas blasts 'emotional decision' to hire Solskjaer

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Former England midfielder Jermaine Jenas says it was a mistake for Manchester United to hire the "emotional" choice in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer while adding that he does not think the club knows what it’s doing. 

Solskjaer was originally brought in on a short-term basis to replace Jose Mourinho, who was sacked in December following a poor start to the Premier League season. 

The 1999 Champions League winner won 10 of his first 11 games in charge of the club and was rewarded by being appointed the permanent manager in March. 

But since, Manchester United have lost five of the club's last seven matches, including a Champions League elimination at the hands of Barcelona. 

And Jenas says it is now apparent that the hiring of Solskjaer was done with emotion, not logic. 

"No. I felt it was an emotional decision and in any business it should be a thought-out logical decision for the long term," Jenas said on BBC Radio

"One of the things they need to get away from is 'the Manchester United way' and 'that's not the way they used to do it'. What Sir Alex Ferguson did was very unique and United have found it very difficult to replicate with some of the best managers in the world. 

"Pep Guardiola going to Manchester City didn't say 'what did [Roberto] Mancini and [Manuel] Pellegrini do to win the league?' He came in and did what he wanted to do. 

"Jurgen Klopp did that at Liverpool, he had his own style. That's what United need, I don't think they need to try and find someone who can get close to what Ferguson has done, they need to find [a new identity]. Mourinho tried to do that but the club didn't buy into it. 

"I don't think they know what they're doing." 

He added: "I felt it was all emotional with Ole." 

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Having suffered elimination in this year's Champions League, Manchester United now turn focus towards qualifying for next season's tournament as they battle for a spot in the top four. 

Solskjaer's side currently sits sixth in the league, two points behind Arsenal and Chelsea, who sit fourth and fifth heading into the weekend. 

Up next for the Red Devils is a match away to Everton on Sunday.