Who are FIFA 18's most expensive Ultimate Team players?

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The 2002 version of Brazil legend Ronaldo is currently the card that will set you back the most coins on the FUT market

Feel like spending big on your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

If you have a few million spare coins to burn, you might have a chance at some of the most valuable players available in this year's game.

The majority of them are Icons - legendary ex-players who have been reintroduced into the game by EA Sports with special cards that capture their abilities at a particular stage of their careers.

The 94-rated, 2002 version of Ronaldo has quickly shot up to the top of the list of the most expensive players available on Ultimate Team this year, with prices in excess of five million coins.

Ronaldo FIFA 18 Icon Stories

He has been closely followed by the 1962, 95-rated Pele, who currently costs over four million coins on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One markets.

Goal has the updated list of the current top 25 most expensive players on Ultimate Team in full below.

Prices are accurate as of October 26, 2017 according to Futbin.com and sorted by cost on PS4, with Xbox One values also listed.


Player Type Rating PS4 Price XB1 Price
Ronaldo Icon (2002) 94 5.95m 7.5m
Pele Icon (1962) 95 4.4m 4.74m
Ronaldinho Icon (2002) 91 3.1m 3.3m
Gullit Icon (1979) 90 2.92m 3.21m
Pele Icon (1958) 91 2.8m 3.28m
Maradona Icon (1989) 95 2.76m 3.2m
Ronaldo Icon (1994) 90 2.55m 3.16m
Maradona Icon (1982) 91 2.43m 2.88m
Messi In Form 94 2m 1.97m
Ronaldinho Icon (2010) 89 1.9m 2m
C. Ronaldo Standard 94 1.7m 1.75m
Neymar Ones To Watch 92 1.7m 1.75m
Del Piero Icon (2006) 92 1.65m 1.63m
Vieira Icon (1997) 88 1.62m 1.71m
Henry Icon (2009) 90 1.6m 1.82m
Matthaus Icon (1986) 91 1.58m 1.6m
Messi Hero 94 1.45m 1.56m
Aguero In Form 90 1.27m 1.1m
Del Piero Icon (1995) 90 1.2m 1.2m
Maldini Icon (2003) 92 1.2m 1.1m
Gullit Icon (1998) 86 1.19m 1.32m
Del Piero Icon (1993) 87 1.15m 1.15m
Bergkamp Icon (1993) 90 1.11m 1.17m
Vieira Icon (2004) 86 1.08m 1.18m
Rui Costa Icon (1994) 90 1.07m 1.38m

Costing more than five million on PS4 and an incredible seven million-plus on Xbox, the 2002 Ronaldo card has 93 ratings for pace, shooting and dribbling as well as five stars in the skill moves and weaker foot categories.

His closest rival, the 1962 Pele, has even higher marks for pace and dribbling as well as passing but is not as physical as Ronaldo and does not have the weak-foot mastery.

After that there is the complete attacking midfielder in Ronaldinho (2002), and there are few central midfielders as accomplished in every category as Ruud Gullit (1979). Gullit's single lowest rating is 80 for defending.

Diego Maradona as well as other versions of Pele and Ronaldo come into things before the first current player - an in-form, 94-rated Lionel Messi.

That Messi card has the joint-highest dribbling rating (97) in the game along with the Hero version of the Argentine - which is slightly cheaper and just as good, though it is still expensive enough to feature on this list - and an as-yet unreleased version of Maradona.

Pele FIFA 18 Icon Stories

Cristiano Ronaldo, the player with the highest base rating in the game, unsurprisingly has the most valuable standard card, which will set you back about 1.7 million coins.

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The 'Ones To Watch' version of Neymar and in-form Sergio Aguero have also been sought after among the non-Icons players in the top 25.

If you're looking for pace, the Pele and Ronaldo cards are difficult to beat, though the 90-rated Marc Overmars - which just misses out on the top 25 but will cost around one million coins - is also worth a look.

There is also a 1997 version of Ronaldo, with 97 pace that is matched only by the in-form Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang card, that has not yet been released but could well go straight to the top of the price chart when it is.