Dortmund ultras offer shopping & courier services to at-risk locals amid coronavirus outbreak

Borussia Dortmund Sudtribune Yellow Wall
The Sudtribune Dortmund group is hoping to help those worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in their local area

A Borussia Dortmund fan group is helping provide relief to those affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the area by providing shopping and courier services to at-risk locals.

‘Sudtribune Dortmund’, named after the famous South Bank stand which houses the ‘Yellow Wall’ at the Signal Iduna Park, are offering support in the whole Dortmund area.

They will help deliver shopping and provide other services to local at-risk people advised to stay indoors.

A statement on the group’s website read: “Good day everybody. Everyone knows about the current situation about the coronavirus, which is why we do not need to say any more about it.

“It is more important to show solidarity and assume responsibility for society as a whole. Specifically, this means that we want to help people who currently belong to the at-risk groups reported.

“We are trying to help in the whole Dortmund area so from tomorrow, in a time window from 11:00am to 5:00pm, we offer to bring over your shopping or provide other courier services.

“Please only use this offer if you really belong to the corresponding at-risk groups or are currently in quarantine.

“Since we do not know how big the rush will be, we ask for your understanding that we cannot guarantee that every order will be completed.”

The group provided a phone number for local people looking to use the service to get in contact.

The Sudtribune Dortmund group was founded in 2014 with the intention of improving the already world-renowned atmosphere at Dortmund games.

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Their website also states: “When our fanbase appears as a unit, really stands together in good and bad times and takes care of each other, this not only has a positive effect on what is going on in the Westfalenstadion and in the stands.

“We can also speak with a strong voice in fan-political matters, towards the club management or the public.

“In view of the current developments in professional football, with increasing commercialisation, ridiculous transfer fees and hysterical security debates, it is more important than ever to express our concerns, interests and criticism to the outside world.”