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Celebrate the European Championship with the FC EUROHYPE playlist on Spotify

There is no major football event without music. Music allows us all to capture the vibe of a whole fan community and, this year, Spotify are offering a platform to showcase these vibes and emotions. Whether it’s the ecstasy of a last minute winner, the glory of a penalty shoot-out or the agony of an incredible miss, Spotify has got your back.

Spotify is working with seven creators of different nationalities to celebrate their nations and the vibrancy of the European Championships during the tournament via a EUROHYPE playlist.

Inspired by the emerging creator leagues that are taking the football world by storm, Spotify is working with seven creators across Europe to celebrate their nations’ progress in Germany this summer.

The creators, including Lirian Santos (England) and Lluna Clark (Spain), submitted a list of tracks to reflect the mood in each of their countries ahead of the tournament. Each week, they will be updating the playlist according to their teams’ progress. Whether that’s relief for England, confidence for Spain or heartbreak for Italy, there will be songs for all moods!

Seven creators from all over Europe are checking the vibe in their country during the Championship and will be reflecting this in one joint playlist.

There will be something for every fan - however the tournament makes you feel, the FC EUROHYPE playlist has got you covered!

Visit the FC EUROHYPE playlist on Spotify.