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The best goalkeeper gloves you can buy in 2022

08:00 BST 08/09/2022
Best goalkeeper gloves
Step onto the pitch with confidence wearing the same goalkeeper gloves as some of football's best
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For most players on the pitch, a good pair of football boots and a sturdy set of shin pads are the only pieces of kit they need to worry about choosing. But for goalkeepers, another piece of gear must be thought of: the gloves. 

Goalkeeper gloves don't just exist to help keep warm in the winter or add an extra layer of style to a player's kit – most importantly, they're there to support a goalkeeper's best asset, their hands. 

We've rounded up the best goalkeeper gloves available today, depending on what you want out of your game. Whether you're on the hunt for the newest innovative glove or a budget-friendly pair to see you through your Sunday games, we've got an option for every skill level.

The best goalkeeper gloves: our top three

adidas Predator Edge Pro

Best overall goalkeeper gloves

Bring your A-game with the futuristic-tinted Predator Pro, a skin-tight masterclass in ensuring you'll be able to ward off shots left, right and centre in your six-yard area. There's a reason why shot-stoppers like Gianluigi Donnarumma through to David De Gea have favoured them.

Reasons to buy:

  • Reinforced over the wrist and finger with no bulky wrist-strap
  • Features adidas' Ultra Grip 2.0 latex, used by footballers for reliable grip
  • Elements of Zone Skin silicone for greater control and confident punches
  • Available in over 10 sizes, ranging from ages 7+ to adult

Get them from adidas for £100.00

Nike Goalkeeper Match

Best budget-friendly goalkeeper gloves

There's no need to break the bank to ensure you've got a sturdy pair of gloves to see you through your stint between the posts - the Nike Goalkeeper Match delivers well beyond its price, providing all-around command and control at an affordable price.

Reasons to buy:

  • Features soft padding to give cushioning against shots
  • A smooth surface that gives you grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Comes in 2 colourways to suit your style
  • Available in 6 sizes to suit both older kids and adults

Get them from Nike for £19.95

adidas Predator Fingersave Pro

Best goalkeeper gloves for grip

Akin to the traditional Predator Pro, this expanded edition delivers where you'd want it to: right at the fingertips to improve your overall grip, allowing you to have that extra grasp on the ball. While its less rounded fingers will not be for everyone, the additional reinforcement and Fingersave spines make it a valuable tool for ensuring there's no shortchanging your hold on the ball.

Reasons to buy:

  • Features a silicone Zone Skin backhand for optimum support when catching and throwing
  • Has a strapless and compressive entry for a natural-feeling fit
  • For a sensitive yet powerful grip, the glove features a top-Quality URG 1.0 palm
  • Available in 6 sizes to suit both older kids and adults

Get them from adidas for £110.00

Puma King RC

Best goalkeeper gloves for old-school vibes

Want to add a shot of retro style to your gear? This nifty black-and-white set from Puma brings back monochrome glory and does a great job even with its distinctive style on top. Simple yet effective - it's guaranteed to deliver.

Reasons to buy:

  • For enhanced breathability, the gloves feature mesh finger gussets and mesh thumb inserts
  • A latex-embossed backhand provides protection when you need it most while still giving you freedom of movement
  • The full-length wrist strap offers secure closure and support
  • Available in 7 sizes for you to find the perfect fit

Get them from Sports Direct for £26.00

Nike Goalkeeper Phantom Shadow

Best goalkeeper gloves for absorption

Any goalkeeper will tell you that blocking a hot shot fired in like a rocket from anywhere on the pitch can sting, but these Phantom Shadow gloves from Nike take the bite out of any opposing player's bark.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made in a flexible fabric that lets your hands move freely and comfortably
  • Latex on the palm gives you consistent grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • All-new Nike reverse stitching features ensure a great feel on the ball and a secure fit to boost control when punching
  • Available in 6 sizes for you to find the perfect fit

Get them from Sports Direct for £48.00

Puma FUTURE: ONE Grip 1 NC

Best goalkeeper gloves for flexibility

If you're looking for a revolutionary and innovative goalkeeper glove, this is it. Boasting 3D elasticities and off-the-scale Elite+ Dual Grip, these Puma gloves deliver exceptional flexibility and optimum punching power.

Reasons to buy:

  • Enjoy maximum freedom of movement with elasticated backhand fabrication
  • For complete ball control, the gloves feature a tight, negative fit
  • 4mm Elite+ Dual Grip latex gives you insane grip and peak punching power with silicone tape details
  • Available in 9 sizes for you to find the perfect fit

Get them from Puma for £100.00

Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite

Best goalkeeper gloves for lightweight use

The need to streamline performance has made its way through almost every piece of attire you can find in a kit bag - and the Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Elite proves that goalkeeper gloves are no exception.

Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight with a second skin feel for complete flexibility
  • Features an ACC palm for optimal grip in all weather conditions
  • For improved grip and control, the glove boasts an innovative 3D-printed punch zone on the middle knuckles
  • Available in 6 sizes for you to find the perfect fit

Get them from Pro: Direct Soccer for £100.00 (was £135.00)

Sondico Aqua Elite

Best goalkeeper gloves for wet weather

You're not always going to have the fortune to play in conditions that make it easy to control and command the ball with every flick of your wrist. Luckily, the aptly-named Aqua Elite can aid in bringing your grip under control when the heavens open above.

Reasons to buy:

  • Crafted with a removable finger protection system to help prevent finger injuries
  • Feature advanced duo-grip technology for exceptional grip, especially in wet weather
  • The flex wrist strap ensures a secure fit when you need it
  • Available in 5 sizes for you to find the perfect fit

Get them from Sports Direct for £24.99 (was £49.99)

Sells Ghost Total Contact Gloves

Best gloves for all-conditions wear

Perform at your best always and in all weather conditions with the Sells Total Contact glove. For next-level grip and the best confidence when handling and catching, the Total Contact boasts the best features that excel in both wet and dry conditions.

Reasons to buy:

  • Features an Adhesion Opti Absolute Palm with memory foam for instant shock absorption
  • To keep your hands comfortable and fresh always, the glove's Acclimatise fabric wicks sweat and adapts to your body temperature
  • The glove's Expanse cut surrounds your hand at all axis points for comfort and flexibility
  • Available in 7 sizes to suit both older kids and adults

Get them from Pro: Direct Soccer for £44.00 (was £55.00)