'This part easily splinters' - Senegal star Sadio Mane injured with Bayern Munich just before World Cup

Sadio Mane injured Bayern Munich 2022-23Getty Images
  • Mane went down clutching leg
  • Replaced by Leroy Sane in 22nd minute
  • World Cup less than two weeks away

WHAT HAPPENED? The forward hurt his tibia, head coach Julien Nagelsmann later confirmed, and was surrounded by team-mates as he sat on the field in pain. Medical staff examined him before determining he needed to be taken off.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Any knock is cause for concern this close to the World Cup, but it was encouraging that Mane was able to put his full body weight on his right leg. After the match, Nagelsmann said: "He got hit on the top part of the tibia which always makes you feel uncomfortable. He needs to have an X-ray to look whether there is anything bad because this part easily splinters. We hope that it's nothing (serious)."


Mane subbed off injured 1Getty Images


WHAT NEXT FOR MANE? Further medical examinations, starting with the X-ray, will be conducted in the coming days.

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