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Explained: Why Gavi will take Xavi's No.6 despite Barcelona's registration problem

18:56 GMT 31/01/2023
Gavi 6 GFX
Barcelona announced Gavi would wear Xavi's former No.6 effective immediately even as La Liga tries to block his registration as a senior player.
  • La Liga blocked Gavi's registration
  • Meant he couldn't take senior number
  • But court has ruled against La Liga

WHAT HAPPENED? Barcelona's attempt to register Gavi as a senior player was held up by La Liga, with the division determining the Blaugrana had not met the sufficient financial obligations to do so. But a Spanish court has since ruled that La Liga must allow the 18-year-old's new senior contract to take effect and let him wear the famous No.6 - previously donned by manager Xavi.

WHY DID LA LIGA TRY TO BLOCK REGISTRATION? The governing organisation claimed Barcelona were over their agreed squad budget for 2022-23, and thus could not register players to their senior team. The action reportedly took Barcelona by surprise.

Now, La Liga plans to appeal the court's decision on Gavi's registration.

WHAT THEY SAID: “As of today, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, La Liga is unaware of the contents of the main legal claim," wrote the division in a statement provided to The Athletic. "This provisional measure has been adopted without La Liga having had the opportunity to present its arguments.

“La Liga, of course, will abide by the provisional measure, but will appeal it, considering that there are sufficient factual and legal grounds for the court to remove it.”


THE BIGGER PICTURE: Barcelona's shaky financial situation has been well-documented, and a group stage exit from the Champions League hasn't helped matters. They're doing well in La Liga, though, with a five-point advantage at the top of the table over Real Madrid.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR GAVI: Until La Liga's appeal is processed, Gavi will wear No.6 in domestic matches, starting with a game against Real Betis on Wednesday.