Why kick-off has been delayed in AC Milan's Serie A clash against Verona amid poor conditions at San Siro - explained

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  • AC Milan set to take on Verona
  • Rain pours down just an hour before kick-off
  • Kick-off delayed by 25 minutes to allow pitch to recover

WHAT HAPPENED? Fiyako Tomori raised the issue of a potential dangerous playing surface to the referee, according to Football Italia. The grass became so saturated because of the heavy rainfall that the ball was unable to bounce or roll across the surface. Serie A rules state that a kick-off can be delayed by a maximum of 45 minutes, with the start time initially being pushed back by 25 minutes.

WHY MIGHT HAS IT BEEN DELAYED? Tomori made the argument that the surface was not fit to play on and presents considerable danger to both sets of players as metal studs have a tendency to get caught in the ground when it's so wet. However, it has been deemed that the pitch will be ok to play on with the extra 25-minute wait.


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THE BIGGER PICTURE: The iconic stadium has seen a lot of action in the past week with today's game set to be it's third in six days after Sunday's Milan derby and Tuesday's Champions League fixture between AC Milan and Newcastle.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR MILAN? With the game being confirmed to be on, the players can now get their head down and prepare for what could be an enticing affair between fourth and ninth in Serie A.