Ancelotti is a traitor! Disgraced former Juventus director Moggi says Real Madrid coach was part of 'dirty football'

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Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has hit out at Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti for his recent claims about the Calciopoli scandal.

Ancelotti, who managed Juve from 1999 to 2001, said this week that the match-fixing scandal that rocked Italian football in 2006 was actually a positive thing because it "cleaned" Italian football.

Juve, AC Milan, Fiorentina and Reggina were all implicated, with the Turin side stripped of the 2004-05 Serie A title and relegated to Serie B.

What has Moggi said about Ancelotti?

Moggi, who was found to be at the centre of the Calciopoli scandal, took to his column in Italian newspaper Il Libero to respond to the coach's comments.

“Dear Carlo, your claims make me think you forget about your time at Juventus and don’t realise that you are also reporting yourself," he wrote.

"You were part of that ‘dirty football’ you enjoyed because it made you grow as a coach.

“You were part of that football also when Juventus lost the title under the rain in Perugia. You were part of that football when the FIGC changed the rules one week before Juventus vs Roma, giving the Giallorossi the chance to play with an extra-EU player, [Hidetoshi] Nakata, who hadn’t been allowed to play before.

“He was also decisive because he scored the equaliser that allowed Roma to win the title and you finished as a runner-up once again.

“At that time, you used to come to my office to complain about the injustice suffered by Juventus. I don’t understand why you condemn this behaviour now, just like traitors who take advantage of the dirty game to grow and then, with lights off, they make whistleblowers, but only to pass as do-gooders.

“It’s easy to fish in a barrel and it costs nothing unless you have something else to declare, only with proofs because phone tappings are ready to deny and Gianfelice Facchetti knows something about it."

What happened in the Calciopoli scandal?

The revelations of the Calciopoli scandal came in May 2006, as a series of telephone calls showed that there were close relations between Serie A team officials and refereeing organisations.

Moggi was one of those convicted and sentenced to prison for his involvement in the affair.

Moggi was given a lifetime ban from football and, in 2011, a court sentenced him to five years in prison.

However, that sentence was eventually reduced and then cancelled due to the statute of limitations.

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