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The best streaming services for sports fans in 2023

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Sports available: NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB, US Open, PGA Tour, UFC, NASCAR, Premier League, La Liga, and more

Installation required: Yes

Simultaneous streams: 20

DVR capabilities: Unlimited

Monthly from


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There are currently over 200 TV streaming services available on the US market. That’s an intimidating number when trying to figure out where to put your money!

Luckily, live sports are a niche in the market that not all streaming services cater for, which makes it a little easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

The market for live sports streaming is still crowded and to complicate matters further, broadcasting rights for the events you want can change between channels from year to year. So, sadly, it’s not as simple as finding your nearest “live sports package”, and swiping your card. 

We’ve designed this article to help sports fans cut through the clutter and find the best sports streaming service for their budget. Our top service providers have been brought together in one place for you to compare and consider, so no matter which sports you follow, you’ll know where to get your coverage kicks.