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How to watch live sports on DirecTV Stream: soccer, basketball, football live stream and more

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Finding the best place to find live sports in the United States can be something of a minefield, so it’s important to have your streaming ducks lined up before the big game. 

DirecTV Stream bundles tend to err towards the expensive side, but there are few TV streaming services that can offer the same standard of sports coverage. If your budget fits, it’s worth looking into. So, first thing's first.

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What is DirecTV?

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DirecTV is a premium service provider, offering satellite TV and an internet streaming service for those wanting to cable-cut. You can choose which you’d like to receive during the registration process.

Do bear in mind though that there are fewer channels available via internet streaming than satellite television, so make sure to check the channels you want are available with both.

DirecTV subscription plans & costs

Channels per subscription

A full list of channels can be seen on the DirecTV Stream home page. Once there, click on “Shop Now” to see a brief breakdown of all packages side-by-side.

Select how you want to connect

Underneath each package, you can opt for home internet streaming or to connect via satellite. Once you’ve chosen your package, opt for your preferred connection. 

Browse your premiums and extras

They’re split into 3 categories:

  • Specials
  • Popular
  • International 

If you see something you'd like, add it to your bundle. 

Select your device

Once you have your package and extras set, you’ll be asked to choose how many TV’s you would like to sign up to DirecTV Stream with. Note that only one TV installation comes with a subscription. There will be additional charges for extra devices. 

Create an Account

It’s time to register! At this stage of the process you’ll be asked for your name, email address and to create a password. If you opted for satellite, you will also need to provide your ZIP code.

Delivery Information

Both internet and satellite streaming options require equipment to be brought to your home. Internet users simply input their delivery information and a Gemini box will be sent by mail. Satellite users will require a DirectTV engineer to install their receiver.

Payment Details

DirecTV accepts the following three payment forms:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Checking Account

Select which one you’d like to use and plug in your payment details. It’s time to install!

At this point, there’s not much left to do but stay patient. Once your Gemini box or installer has arrived, you’ll have hundreds of channels at your fingertips!

Watching live sports on DirecTV Stream

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For all-around sports lovers, Choice is the best package that DirecTV offers. It provides most of the sports channels that the Ultimate and Premier packages do but at a significantly lower price. 

The NBA League Pass offers plenty for basketball fans, while ESPN and ESPN2 cover most of the F1 season. Motorsport fans can also watch all 24 hours of Le Mans via MotorTrend, as well as live footage from the 2023 NASCAR Championship.

MLB, NHL, and NFL Networks mean extensive coverage of the big baseball, hockey, and football games, while TNT and the Golf Channel cover competitions like Capital One’s ‘The Match’.

Local sports coverage

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Direct TV also boasts an impressive array of local sports coverage. To find what’s available in your area, just type in your ZIP code to receive your Local Regional Sports Network Information.

Live soccer coverage

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Choice isn’t necessarily the best package for soccer lovers. Broadcasting rights for the UEFA Champions League, WSL and NWSL are all currently held by CBS, which is only included in Ultimate and Premier. 

Ultimate and Premier are expensive packages, so if your budget is capped in the Entertainment price range, there is an alternative that could give you the same soccer coverage for less. 

Entertainment includes TNT, which means live access to both the SheBelieves Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League. It also has the USA Network, which airs several English Premier League matches throughout the season.   

Combining the Entertainment package with a monthly Peacock and Paramount+ subscription will give you access to CBS, and the NBC-covered premier league matches that might get missed on USA. 

Peacock's premium subscription is only $2.99/Month through DirectTV, while a Paramount+ subscription runs at only $4.99/Month. When combined with the Entertainment package, subscribers could have full soccer coverage for $72.99.

DirecTV Pros & Cons

DirecTV subscriptions are an investment, so there’s plenty to consider:


Channel variety

It’s impressive. When you’re not catching the big game, there’s bound to be a movie, TV series or documentary that takes your fancy. 

Customizable viewing

There’s a great variety of add-ons and extras for you to maximise your sports viewing, and some run at a discounted price when you access them through DirectTV

Unlimited streaming on your home network

It’s what it says on the tin. No one’s TV time needs to clash again when you’re on your home turf. 

DirecTV is both a satellite and internet TV service provider

You get variety without having to revert to cable or satellite, which is great for viewers trying to cable-cut.

Unlimited DVR storage with internet streaming

While watching live is always better, when schedules clash, recording the big game is a great option to have and with internet streaming, you’ll never be faced with “storage full”.


Additional fees for satellite service subscribers

While receiver installation with your first subscription is complimentary, other charges, such as an activation fee, and advanced service receiver fees, do apply. 

Higher subscription costs

There’s no avoiding it, when compared with other TV streaming services available, DirecTV is expensive. But the variety of channels and quality of streaming offers a great incentive to invest. 

DirecTV vs Other live sports streaming services

It’s a crowded market, and YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV are but a few other TV streaming services that offer live sports coverage. For comparison, you can find a price list for the primary packages they offer in the table below:

*All information has been pulled directly from the streaming service websites, and costs have been quoted at full price.

Streaming Service


Channels Available

DVR Storage




Over 75




Over 105




Over 140




Over 150



Sling TV:



50 hours




50 hours


Orange and Blue


50 hours


Hulu + Live TV:

Over 85

Unlimited DVR


YouTube TV

Base Plan

Over 100

Unlimited DVR


Spanish Plan

Over 30

Unlimited DVR


NFL Sunday Ticket, Bundled or Stand Alone

Over 100

Starts at $349.99

Is DirecTV worth it?

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When it comes to watching live sports, DirecTV’s Choice package offers the best value for money. You’re investing in a variety, of sports, leagues, and events. Particularly if you’re a satellite service user, as a lot of extra channels are available to you when compared to the number competitors offer in a similar price range. 

However, there are cheaper alternatives if soccer coverage is the most important thing. Combining the Entertainment package with alternate service providers like Peacock and Paramount+ saves a pretty penny while giving you the Premier and Champions League coverage you require. 

Overall, if your budget covers the cost, it’s a great way for sports fans to indulge in local, national, and international events.

Final Words

Whether you choose the traditional satellite service or to cut the cord with internet streaming, you never cut on content with DirecTV. So sign up today. It's time to get ready for the big game.