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How to watch live sports on Fubo TV: soccer live stream and more

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Internet streaming services are quickly overtaking cable, and as the market gets more crowded, it can be tricky to know which is best for live coverage of the sports you love. 

🖥 Watch and stream live sports on Fubo TV

FuboTV is tailor-made for soccer fans, hosting an impressive array of sports networks, including CBS, NBC and USA. With the US “Soccer Champions Tour” due to begin on July 22nd, it’s time to get your streaming in order. 

This page contains affiliate links. When you subscribe through the links provided, we may earn a commission.

What is FuboTV

As an internet streaming service, FuboTV scores early in the game with anyone wanting to cable-cut. It offers upwards of 160 channels and offers three core subscription packages: Pro, Elite and Premier. If that’s not enough, 130+ events are available in 4k, so… you’ll be able to argue with the ref on good authority.

There is also a Latino subscription package, which offers live sports coverage in Spanish. This package has significantly reduced channels and DVR storage when compared to the other three but has a reduced monthly fee to match. 

Fubo TV Subscription Plans & Pricing

Subscription type No. of channels Add-onsPrice
Elite235Fubo Extra (+55 channels) News Plus (+12 channels)$84.99/mo
Premier 244Fubo Extra (+55 channels) News Plus (+12 channels) SHOWTIME live and on-demand $94.99/mo
Latino 57$32.99/mo

Channels Included

 A full list of the channels in each package can be accessed here.

There are also a variety of extras and channel add-ons for customizing your viewing experience further. 

DVR Storage

DVR cloud storage is available with all packages. Pro, Elite and Premier come with 1000 hours of DVR cloud storage, while Latino comes with 250 hours. 

Streaming capacity 

 Subscribers to the Pro, Elite and Ultimate packages are allowed “unlimited streams”, that’s up to 10 simultaneous streams on your home network and up to two away from home. The Latino package comes with “Standard Share”, which is two streams at a time. 

Which Sports Channels Are Available on Fubo TV?

The Pro subscription package offers around 40 different sports channels. The Elite and Premier packages include Fubo Extra, so offer closer to 60. Regardless of which package you go for, you’re looking at reliable live coverage over a wide spread of channels.  

For a full sports channel breakdown per subscription, see the table below:

Channels Pro ElitePremierLatino
Sports Washinton XXX
Marquee Sports Network XXX
CBS Sports Network XXX
NFL Network XXX
Bein Sports Network (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 + Extra+ñ)XXXX
Real Madrid TV XXX
Origin Sports XXX
Swerve Sports XXX
Women's Sports Network XXX
Sports News Highlights XXX


BLEAV Football XXX
Univision XXXX
MotorTrend XXX
Universo XXXX
Fubo Sports (Including 2-10)XXX
NHL Network XX
MLB Network XX
Zona Futbol Tuon XX
Tennis Channel XX
TyC Sports X
Tigo Sports X

🖥 Watch and stream live sports on Fubo TV

Sports Channel Add-Ons 

There are also a number of add-ons available to personalize your sports coverage further:

  • MLB.TV - +31 channels ($24.99/Mo)
  • Sports Plus with NFL Red Zone - +33 channels ($10.00/Mo)
  • International Sports Plus - +9 channels ($6.99/Mo)
  • NBA League Pass - Up to 40 out-of-market games per week ($14.99/Mo)
  • Adventure Plus - +8 channels ($4.99/Mo)
  • Sports Lite - +8 channels ($9.99/Mo)
  • Fubo Extra - +50 Channels ($7.99/Mo)

Watching Live Sports on Fubo TV

General Sports Coverage

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Of the three packages available, the Elite subscription is the best package for fans wanting to watch a variety of events across different sports. It comes with the 40 base sports channels available with Pro, and the fubo extra sports channels, for $10 cheaper than the premier package.  

There’s NBA TV for basketball fans, while MLB, NHL, and NFL Network cover the big baseball, hockey, and football games. Golf Channel covers competitions like the PGA tour and Capital One’s ‘The Match’, while Tennis Channel has the US and Australian Open, Wimbledon and Roland Garros under wraps. 

Pretty much all your ESPN channels are included with this package, which is great for most sports fans, including motorsport, as ESPN and ESPN 2 provide consistent coverage of the F1 season. Motorsport fans can also watch all 24 hours of Le Mans via MotorTrend, as well as live interviews and footage from the 2023 NASCAR Championship.

Soccer Coverage

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Broadcasting rights for the UEFA Champions League, WSL and NWSL are all currently held by CBS, which is included in Pro, Elite and Premier subscriptions. Many English Premier League games can be viewed over USA and NBC channels, while ESPN shows some La Liga matches and certain German Bundesliga games. 

However, for full coverage of the Bundesliga and EFL games, an ESPN+ subscription would be needed, which isn’t included with FuboTV. 

Another big absence in the channel lineup is Turner Sports Networks. This is especially relevant to soccer fans, as U.S.Soccer have done a broadcasting deal with Turner Sports. Many US-friendly matches will be broadcast primarily over Turner channels, including big events like the SheBelieves Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League. So, if national soccer competitions and friendlies are your thing, FuboTV may not be your best option for live coverage. 

Regional Sports Coverage

Regional sports coverage is available with FuboTV, however, it comes at an extra cost of $10.99/Mo. You can find out which channels are available in your local area via the

FuboTV website, using your ZIP code.

Offers and Promotions

  • FuboTV is currently running a free 7-day trial for each of its packages. 
  • The Latino package is available at the reduced price of $24.99 for the first month of subscription. 

How can I sign up for Fubo TV?

Signing up is quick and easy:

1 - Select your plan

Go to www.Fubo.TV

Once there, you’ll see the four available subscriptions:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Premier
  • Latino

Select which one you would like to subscribe to, by clicking on “start free trial.”

2 - Create your account

After selecting your subscription, you’ll be taken to the registration page and asked to provide your email address, billing ZIP code and to set a password. 

3 - Choose your payment plan

With your account set up, you’ll be asked to select either a monthly or a quarterly payment plan. 

4 - Provide your payment details

Finally, you’ll be asked to provide your payment information. You can either use a third-party platform like PayPal or pay directly by debit or credit card. FuboTV accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

5 - It’s time to stream!

Once you’ve provided your payment details, your 7-day free trial begins, and all your live sports are a click away. 

Fubo TV Pros & Cons


  • International soccer coverage - For those wanting to keep up with international soccer leagues and events, FuboTV has all the channels you need. 
  • Variety  - FuboTV isn’t just great for soccer fans, it offers an impressive range of sports channels as part of its Elite and Premier packages, so there’s something for everyone. 
  • Internet Streaming - You get cable cut, which means no separate DVR storage equipment or installations, as well as streaming on the go.
  • Cloud DVR storage - With 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage, there’s no need to worry about “storage full”. Re-watch your favorite moments or save the game for later when your schedule clashes. 
  •  “Unlimited” streaming on your home network - No one’s TV time needs to clash; you can watch on up to 10 screens on your home network. 


  • No Turner Sports Channels - FuboTV is the only service in the premium TV streaming price range that is unable to offer TNT, which impacts the national soccer coverage that’s available.
  • Limited Regional Sports Networks - Compared to other services in the same price range, like DirectTV, the number of RSNs available with the monthly subscription isn’t as broad.

Fubo TV Compared to Other Live Sports Streaming Services

Because of FuboTV’s subscription pricing, it would be considered a premium service. Its big competitors for channel variety in a similar price range are the likes of Direct TV, HuluTV and YouTube TV. For comparison, please see the table below:

*All information has been pulled directly from the streaming service websites, and costs have been quoted at full price.

Streaming Service PackagesChannels Available DVR Storage Price
FuboTV Pro 1681000- hours cloud DRV $74.99
Elite 2351000- hours cloud DRV$84.99
Premier 2441000- hours cloud DRV$94.99
Latino 57250- hours cloud DRV$32.99
DirectTV Entertainment Over 75Available $64.99
ChoiceOver 105Available$84.99
Ultimate Over 140Available$109.99
Premier Over 150Available$154.99
Sling TV Orange3150 Hours$40/m
Blue 4150 Hours$40/m
Orange + Blue 4750 Hours$55/m
Hulu+ Live TV Over 85Unlimited DVR$69.99
YouTube TV Base Plan Over 100Unlimited DVR$72.00
Spanish Plan Over 30Unlimited DVR$34.99
NFL Sunday Ticket, Bundled or Stand Alone Over 100Starts at $34.99

Is Fubo TV worth it?

For Soccer fans? Absolutely. Unlike some of its competitors, all of FuboTV’s packages provide substantial sports coverage. If your budget is capped at a Pro subscription, you still have access to 40 sports channels and a substantial amount of Premier League coverage in 4k. 

Our Takeaway

Overall, the range of sports available through FuboTV’s Pro, Elite and Premier packages is considerable, and soccer is but one of many sports that receive devoted coverage. If that’s not enough, over 100 events are covered live in 4k, so you’re closer to the action. 

There are no cable cords or bulky satellite dishes, you have the convenience of streaming your favorite content across multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, its cloud DVR storage feature ensures flexibility, so you can always watch the big games on your calendar.

If you haven't managed to snag tickets to the next El Clasico face-off, watching in 4k, with a beer, on your sofa…It’s a pretty close second. So, Start your seven-day free trial with FuboTV today, and enjoy the action

🖥 Watch and stream live sports on Fubo TV.