'I like when people boo Cristiano' - Ronaldo says playing without fans is 'boring'

Ronaldo Juventus 2020Getty

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he likes it when people boo him and finds playing without fans "boring".

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, spectators have generally been unable to attend games across Europe with some exceptions. 

At Juventus over the past several months, Ronaldo has had to get used to playing in empty stadiums and was even sidelined temporarily after himself testing positive for Covid-19.

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As someone who channels the good and bad energy from fans, the 35-year-old conceded he misses the boos just as much as the applause. 

"For me I have to be honest, to play in an empty stadium is boring in my opinion. We, the players, respect all the protocol and health is the most important thing of all, of course, but I don't like it, to be honest," Ronaldo said at the Globe Soccer Awards on Sunday. 

"I do it first of all because I love football. My passion is always football. I play for my family, my kids, my friends, the fans. But I don't like it, to be honest. It's so weird. 

"I like when people boo Cristiano. When I touch the ball they 'boo', I like it. I hope in 2021 they can change the rules and we can see the stadiums full of people." 

Ronaldo, who was named Player of the Century at the Globe Soccer Awards, has been a role model for the next generation of footballers for over a decade now and relishes having such an influence. 

"It's great when you look and see the kids want to be like you. They cut their hair like me. They want skills like me. I see my son, 10 years old and he wants to look like me and I say: 'You have a long way to do it, to be like your father'," Ronaldo said. 

"The future is the kids. I have four and I wish them all the best. When I see the kids around for example in Dubai, they run and say 'Siii' it makes me happy because they recognise my effort, my dedication, my hard work. I'm proud when I see stuff like that and it gives me motivation to carry on and continue like that."