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Championship Relegation odds

Championship Relegation Odds: Four Remain - One Will Go

Hudderfield and Rotherham have already been relegated and cannot pull themselves from the pit, but this does leave one place left in the drop. Birmingham City sit here right now, but Plymouth, Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn are all still under threat.

2023/24 Championship Relegation Odds

All odds courtesy of bet365, correct at the time of publishing and subject to change.



Birmingham City 






Sheffield Wednesday 


It all hinges on the last day, and four of the three have managed to pull some incredibly tough matches.

The table may well end up looking exactly the same come the end of the season, meaning The Blues would be relegated. But the Championship often provides fireworks and this should prove no different.

Birmingham City @1/2

The only real thing Birminham have going for them is the face they get to play at home. Outside of this, the outlook is pretty grim.

City only have two ways of staying up, but both rely on the other side's results more than their one.

Winning is a must first of all, against Norwich. Then they will need Plymouth to lose, at home, to Hull then they would fall and City would be safe

Or, and perhaps more likely, they need Blackburn to lose to the already-promoted Leicester, and The Blues would need to secure at least a 2-0 win.

This would then see them safe thanks to goal difference.

Of course, all these hypotheticals will do nothing for Birmingham City fans, and even if they were to secure victory they could still end up going down.

Plymouth @9/4

Plymouth could end their first season in the Championship going down, yet they do get to face Hull at home, which is a benefit that those above them do not have.

Yes, they will have to overcome the playoff-chasing Norwich side, but fervent home fans will aid them in this plight.

Victory would see them safe, no matter what, as Birmingham a point back wouldn't be able to catch them.

Blackburn @12/1

Blackburn are sitting pretty on 50 points right now but a lacklustre goal difference could prove their undoing should they fail to secure victory.

They also face the toughest test on the final day, having to take on the Champions Leicester.

However, Blackburn fans may take hope in the fact that the Foxes will phone it in, having already won the league.

Travelling support will be strong for the Rovers and a win or draw would be enough for them.

Sheffield Wednesday @14/1

Sheffield Wednesday have the easiest final game of the four relegation contenders, having to take on 15th-place Sunderland.

A trip will not be what they were hoping for, but they have the best chance of scraping something from the clash.

Wednesday has also demonstrated considerable drive, having sat near the bottom for much of the season, but since having pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.

With the easiest game, one can see Sheffield earning at least a draw and securing their safety.