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Where to watch World Cup 2022 matches live in USA: TV, online streaming and channels

2:00 AM EST 12/14/22
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Where you can watch every minute of World Cup action in the USA, including TV and live streaming options

Fans of the beautiful game based in the United States will have the opportunity to catch all 64 matches that will be played during the 2022 World Cup finals.

Here, GOAL brings you the various options at your fingertips if you reside in the USA.

Which US channels are broadcasting the World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup will be screened by Fox Sports for English speakers and Telemundo for Spanish viewers.

Fox, Fox Sports 1 (FS1) and Fox Sports 2 (FS2)

In order to view Fox and its sibling channels, you will have to purchase a subscription through your choice of US cable providers. You can find a link to those here.

In terms of what to expect from Fox matchday coverage, they have an on-screen lineup that features some big names.

Fox soccer studio hosts

  • Rob Stone
  • Kate Abdo

Fox soccer studio analysts

  • Alexi Lulas
  • Carli Lloyd
  • Chad Johnson
  • Clint Dempsey
  • Eni Aluko
  • Kelly Smith
  • Maurice Edu

Fox soccer commentators

  • JP Dellacamera
  • Cobi Jones
  • Derek Rae
  • Aly Wagner
  • Warren Barton
  • Jacqui Oatley
  • Ian Darkem
  • Landon Donovan

They will feature matchday insights from former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg and call on Geoff Shreeves for live-action reporting.

Telemundo and Universo

Telemundo will be the destination of choice for Spanish speakers in the US for this tournament. They too will feature their own lineup of accomplished broadcasters and leverage analysis from former stars.

You will be able to view the action unfold through the OTA Telemundo channel. Certain games, however, will only be available through Universo.

Telemundo studio hosts

  • Miguel Gurwitz
  • Ana Jurka
  • Carlota Vizmanos
  • Carlos Hermosillo

Telemundo studio analysts

  • Diego Forlan
  • Maxi Rodriguez
  • Miguel Herrera
  • Tab Ramos
  • Carlos Tenorio
  • Claudio Borghi
  • Fernando Hierro

Telemundo in-game analysts

  • Diana Rincon
  • Amelia Valverde
  • Natalia Astrain

Telemundo commentators

  • Andres Cantor
  • Manuel Sol
  • Copan Alvarez
  • Sammy Sadovnik
  • Jorge Calvo
  • Eduardo Biscayart

World Cup 2022 U.S. TV schedule

World Cup 2022 group stage

DateFixtureKick-off timeChannel
Nov 20Qatar 0-2 Ecuador4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 21,England 6-2 Iran1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 21Senegal 0-2 Netherlands4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 21USA 1-1 Wales7pm (GMT / 2pm (ET)

Fox Sports, Telemundo

Nov 22Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia10am (GMT) / 5am (ET) Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 22Denmark 0-0 Tunisia1pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 22Mexico 0-0 Poland4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 22France 4-1 Australia7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 23Morocco 0-0 Croatia10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 23Germany 1-2 Japan1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 23Spain 7-0 Costa Rica4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 23Belgium 1-0 Canada7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 24Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 24Uruguay 0-0 South Korea1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 24Portugal 3-2 Ghana4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 24Brazil 2-0 Serbia7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 25Wales 0-2 Iran10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 25Qatar 1-3 Senegal1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 25Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 25England 0-0 USA7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 26Tunisia 0-1 Australia10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 26Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 26France 2-1 Denmark4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 26Argentina 2-0 Mexico7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 27Japan 0-1 Costa Rica10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 27Belgium 0-2 Morocco1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 27Croatia 4-1 Canada4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 27Spain 1-1 Germany7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 28Cameroon 3-3 Serbia10am (GMT) / 5am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 28South Korea 2-3 Ghana1pm (GMT) / 8am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 28Brazil 1-0 Switzerland4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 28Portugal 2-0 Uruguay7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 29Ecuador 1-2 Senegal3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 29Netherlands 2-0 Qatar3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Nov 29Iran 0-1 USA7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Nov 29Wales 0-3 England7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Nov 30Tunisia 1-0 France3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Nov 30Australia 1-0 Denmark3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Nov 30Poland 0-2 Argentina7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Nov 30Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Dec 1Canada 1-2 Morocco4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 1Croatia 0-0 Belgium4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Dec 1Japan 2-1 Spain7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Dec 1Costa Rica 2-4 Germany7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 2Ghana 0-2 Uruguay4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo, Universo
Dec 2South Korea 2-1 Portugal4pm (GMT) / 11am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 2Serbia 2-3 Switzerland7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo Universo
Dec 2Cameroon 1-0 Brazil7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 last 16

DateFixtureKick-Off Time Channel
Dec 3Netherlands 3-1 USA3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 3Argentina 2-1 Australia7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 4France 3-1 Poland3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 4England 3-0 Senegal7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 5Japan 1-1 Croatia* (Pens)3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 5 Brazil 4-1 South Korea7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 6Morocco* 0-0 Spain (Pens)3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 6Portugal 6-1 Switzerland7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 quarter-finals

The quarter-finals of World Cup 2022 will be played on December 9 and 10.

DateFixtureKick Off TimeChannel
Dec 9Croatia* 1-1 Brazil (Pens)3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 9Netherlands 2-2 Argentina* (Pens)7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 10Morocco 1-0 Portugal3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo
Dec 10England 1-2 France7pm GMT / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 semi-finals

World Cup 2022 semi-finals will take place on December 13 and December 14. Games will be played at Lusail Iconic Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium

DateFixtureKick-off TimeChannel
Dec 13Argentina 3-0 Croatia7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)

Fox Sports, Telemundo

Dec 14Morocco vs France7pm (GMT) / 2pm (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 third-place play-off

The teams that lose in the semi-finals face off for the right to be recorded as third-place in the history books. The 2022 World Cup third-place play-off takes place the day before the final, on December 17.

DateFixtureKick-off timeChannel
Dec 17Croatia vs Morocco/France3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 final

DateFixtureKick Off TimeChannel
Dec 18Argentina vs Morocco/France3pm (GMT) / 10am (ET)Fox Sports, Telemundo

World Cup 2022 live streaming in the U.S.

There are no free streaming options in the US that mirror the access that ITVX and BBC iPlayer provide in the UK. However, there are various streaming platforms available.


You can tune in to Fox and FS1 through this platform.

Telemundo En Vivo, Universo NOW, Peacock TV+

Telemundo will offer the same broadcasting schedule online as they will televise to viewers. The Spanish language broadcasts will be available through Telemundo Deportes En Vivo and Universo Now.

You can also access Telemundo via Peacock TV.

Fox Sports website/app

In line with their television schedule, if you have a Fox sports subscription you can log in with your customer details and watch the action.

Here is a link to Fox online streaming.