USWNT forward Trinity Rodman apologizes for 'completely wrong' player pay statement

 Trinity Rodman Washington SpiritGetty Images

United States women's national team and Washington Spirit forward Trinity Rodman has apologised for a recent statement on player pay she admits was "completely wrong" and not in line with her intent.

Rodman, who recently received the largest contract in NWSL history at just 20 years old, was criticized for a quote some felt mischaracterized her role in helping women attain better wages in the sport.

But the rising star has clarified that she holds full respect for the trail blazers who came before her and didn't mean to suggest she was "ungrateful or stuck up".

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What were Rodman's original comments?

“I’m that person that broke the mold for that (receiving big contracts)," she told ESPN.

"I’m paving the path for younger players and showing older players that this is what they should have gotten in the first place.”

What did Rodman say in her apology?

"This quote has been completely misunderstood and I'm sorry about that," she wrote on social media. "In this quote I worded it completely wrong, I just turned 20, so my wording is not perfect in every interview.

“I never want to be perceived as ungrateful or stuck-up, that’s not who I am. I want everyone to know that I never have thought once that I am the reason that pay has gone up.

“I strongly acknowledge what ‘older players’ or veterans have done to earn what they’ve gotten, they’ve put blood, sweat and tears into paving the path for me and I feel so blessed, my goal right now is to pave the way for people younger than me and learn from those who did it before me.”

The bigger picture

Rodman's contract extension through 2024 is worth a reported $1.1 million, which is a record for NWSL players and represents a landmark deal for the women's game.

She entered the professional ranks as one of the most-hyped young U.S. players ever, and so far, she's proven her backers correct with her on-field play.

While she may not have set in motion the equal rights gears that led to her receiving a massive deal by NWSL standards, she still has the chance to make an important impact on her sport.

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