FIFA 20 ratings: Lewandowski, Reus & the best Bundesliga players

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Only one player from outside Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund makes the top 20, but who are the best options for your Ultimate Team this year?

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    #20 Leon Goretzka - Bayern Munich - CM - 84

    The now 24-year-old Goretzka rather burst onto the FUT scene back in 2018 with a slew of special cards, and he hasn't looked back since. Another slight upgrade this season sees one of the most balanced midfielders in the game get even better. With only six in-game stats below 75, standing at 6'2" with a 4* weak foot, expect Goretzka to be in every other team you face this year.
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    #19 Kingsley Coman - Bayern Munich - LM - 84

    Another of the young players expected to lead Bayern into a bright future, wing wizard Coman's slight upgrade this year suggests he's on the right track. Plenty will be annoyed to see his skill moves drop down to 4* but with pace to burn and excellent dribbling stats, he's still going to be dangerous.
  3. #18 Jadon Sancho - Borussia Dortmund - RM - 84

    The saviour of English football started last season as a silver card, but he's now going to be one of the most dangerous widemen in the game. Plenty of pace, incredible dribbling stats, 5* skill moves and a 4* weak foot, plus he was born in the year 2000 so the existential crisis he'll trigger in older opponents will give you a psychological edge. 
  4. #17 Julian Brandt - Borussia Dortmund - CAM - 84

    This is a very nicely well-rounded card. An upgrade after last year's Team of the Season and a switch infield from the wing means Brandt feels like a brand new player, and he looks like a perfect attacking fulcrum. Lanky, with 4* skill moves and weak foot and good creative and attacking stats across the board, he looks an excellent option behind your strikers.
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    #16 Serge Gnabry - Bayern Munich - RM - 84

    Undertake the thrilling challenge of trying to succeed where Tony Pulis failed in making Gnabry into a world-beater. The West Brom flop is now a regular for Germany and Bayern, and has a dangerous-looking card to go with his good form. An upgrade from his 82 card last season, his 4* skill moves mean he might be a more affordable alternative to Sancho on the right.
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    #15 Ivan Perisic - Bayern Munich - LM - 84

    Just ask Jordan Pickford - Perisic's finishing ability coming in off the wing make him an absolute pain in the backside. With a 5* weak foot, he's just as clinical going either way and his solid stats across the board make him into a perfect workhorse winger. 
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    #14 Javi Martinez - Bayern Munich - CDM - 84

    The Spaniard's defensive stats are as good as you're likely to find in a midfielder, though 48 pace means he'll be bypassed by some of the faster attackers out there. Use him well and he can be a good base for any team, but he has the stats of a man who'd be more useful back at centre-back.
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    #13 Kai Havertz - Bayer Leverkusen - CAM - 84

    The only player on this entire list not at Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, Havertz is very good, very young and German, so expect him to be at Bayern within the next few years. His 89 sprint speed is great for a midfielder, and adds a bit of extra zip to what is otherwise an all-round excellent attacking midfield card. He's got 4* skill moves and weak foot, too.
  9. Martin Rose

    #12 Jerome Boateng - Bayern Munich - CB - 84

    Formerly an impenetrable wall of a defender, Boateng is looking a little more porous these days in real life and in FIFA. He's still got a very useful card, though, so stop fretting about that 90-rated card three years ago and enjoy a player with excellent defensive stats and great passing ability as a bonus. His lack of playing time at the Allianz has really allowed him to focus on his gym work, hence the 91 strength.
  10. #11 Lucas Hernandez - Bayern Munich - CB - 84

    Ignore that high attacking workrate and feast your eyes on 81 pace, 83 defending and 82 physical. He's not the strongest, but he's had an upgrade with every iteration of FIFA he's been in, so that may come down the line.
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    #10 Axel Witsel - Borussia Dortmund - CDM - 85

    Eleven players into this list, and we've broken the 84 mark. Witsel at Zenit was for years a favourite of those who strayed into Russian league teams, and now he's impressing at Dortmund. Brilliant defensively, strong, good on the ball and a fine passer, Witsel is Gullit Lite. His card picture also shows off his strikingly blue eyes, which is nice if that's something you're after.
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    #9 David Alaba - Bayern Munich - LB - 85

    David Alaba is 90 per cent of the reason some people want universal position changes brought into the game, and his card is as all-round fantastic as ever. Finishing, volleys and aggression are his only in-game stats below 70, and his stats would translate to a 76 OVR card even if you turned him into a striker. The original jack of all trades.
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    #8 Niklas Sule - Bayern Munich - CB - 85

    If you like your defenders to be massive, strong, and really good at defending, Sule is a pretty good shout. He's 6'5", got 95 strength, and 86 defending. 87 sprint speed paired with 53 acceleration is interesting, too.
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    #7 Philippe Coutinho - Bayern Munich - LW - 86

    Ok, so Arjen Robben is gone. You can't do that running down the right wing, cutting inside and firing into the far top corner from 25 yards thing anymore. But look, a shiny new player! And he's really good at running down the left wing, cutting inside and firing into the far top corner from 25 yards. And that's just as good.
  15. Alexander Hassenstein

    #6 Joshua Kimmich - Bayern Munich - RB - 86

    Philipp Lahm's genetic clone is as exceptional an all-round player as you would expect, but this is a card severely hampered by its lack of pace and strength. With brilliant passing and dribbling stats, his distribution should be top-notch but you'd better have a centre-back capable of covering him as those 95-pace wingers glide past him again and again. 91 crossing is useful, though.
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    #5 Thomas Muller - Bayern Munich - CAM - 86

    Muller having a high-rated card that nobody really wants to use is something of a FUT tradition. Good shooting stats without a whole lot else and a high defensive workrate mean, as ever, you're probably better off with a better-rounded, lower-rated alternative. 92 positioning means he should be getting in the right areas off the ball, but Muller is one of those players whose skillset just doesn't translate well to a video game.
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    #4 Thiago - Bayern Munich - CM - 87

    With 91 agility, 91 ball control, 90 dribbling, 90 short passing and 5* skills, those of you committed to the beautiful game will be able to do some wonderful things with everybody's favourite Iniesta regen. He's still hampered by a lack of physical presence and his shooting is nothing to write home about, but get him on the ball in midfield and this is a lovely little card.
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    #3 Mats Hummels - Borussia Dortmund - CB - 87

    There was a time when 51 pace would see you run a mile from Hummels, but while it is a big downgrade on his mobility from last year, he's as solid as ever defensively. He's also got great ball control and passing ability for a defender, allowing you to build from the back with grace and panache. 
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    #2 Marco Reus - Borussia Dortmund - CAM - 88

    Dortmund's captain fantastic leads by example as their highest-rated player once again, and isn't it a thrill to see him back with another CAM card? His pace, shooting, passing and dribbling are all exceptional, and coupled with 4* skill moves and a 4* weak foot, he's pretty much the ideal player in this position. After nine special cards last season, though, the lack of an upgrade feels a little harsh.
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    #1 Robert Lewandowski - Bayern Munich - ST - 89

    With Timo Werner just missing out on the top 20, the Bundesliga's best player is the only striker on our list. You know what you're getting with the Polish hitman by now; he isn't very quick, but he's a big target and brilliant at just about everything. A one-point downgrade is surprising, given he scored 40 goals last season and earned a seventh successive Team of the Season card, but you can't have it all.