What soccer teams do Hollywood celebrities support?

Hollywood football fans Keira Knightley Idris Elba Daniel Craig
Mike Myers and Daniel Craig are Anfield regulars, while Spike Lee and Idris Elba are Gooner faithfuls – so what other stars are soccer fans?

The Gallagher brothers' love for Manchester City is well-documented, and so is the Stone Roses' support for Manchester United as well as North London native Adele's affiliations with Tottenham Hotspur.

With the beautiful game having grown in popularity across the pond in North America, however, Goal has rounded up some Hollywood stars and their favoured soccer teams - with some surprising match-ups.

  1. Daniel Craig - Liverpool

    Daniel Craig - Liverpool

    007 – aka James Bond – is a dedicated Liverpool supporter, having attended numerous games at Anfield over the years.

    His open support for the Merseysiders gathered criticism, however, considering his role as Bond. TalkSPORT presenter Mike Parry claimed that as the character of Bond 'belongs to the whole of England', he should, therefore, be a neutral football fan. Though Parry iterated that Craig is free to support whoever he pleases, Bond has no affiliation to any particular team. Quite predictably, his comments garnered much criticism on social media.

  2. Keira Knightley - West Ham

    Keira Knightley - West Ham

    Knightley portrayed a footballer in cult hit "Bend It Like Beckham", and her character's soccer-mad personality is true to her nature as an actress. The London native is a passionate West Ham supporter and spoken of her love for the Londoners on "Late Night", as well as her fondness for the signature 'Forever Blowing Bubbles' chant.

    "The song that is played before the game is great," she said. "You just have all the crowd blowing bubbles - the song's called 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.' The problem I have with it though is that the song is really sad!

    "The song is about not winning and in fact your dreams fading and dying the whole time, so in reality, it's not a surprise we lose all the time!"

  3. Daniel Day-Lewis - Millwall

    Daniel Day-Lewis - Millwall

    Day-Lewis grew up in a tough Greenwich neighbourhood as a child and had to deal with tough south London children.

    His south London roots have never left him, and he remains an avid supporter of Millwall – dating back to when he spent many a weekend sat on the stands of the Den with a pie and pint!

    "A house full of great books about art and literature was all well and good, but I was fascinated by the streets that were close by – Lewisham, New Cross and Deptford," he said. "I supported Millwall with great gusto and was on the terraces every Saturday with the rest of the lads.”

  4. Idris Elba - Arsenal

    Idris Elba - Arsenal

    The London-born film actor (and possible future James Bond) is an Arsenal superfan, and has professed his love for the Gunners on many occasions.

    Elba has even gone on to say how the thought of rival north London club Tottenham winning the league would make him physically sick: "I’d be physically ill, literally throwing up. They haven’t been doing that great for ages, so now they’re doing alright, good luck to them."

  5. Tom Hanks - Aston Villa

    Tom Hanks - Aston Villa

    The beloved "Forrest Gump" and "Saving Private Ryan" actor is a keen football follower, though it wouldn't be of a club you'd normally expect! Hanks is a supporter of none other than Aston Villa, though he has admitted that his loyalties lie there due to his fondness for the club's name rather than for their form or history – claiming that he thinks Aston Villa sounded "pleasant".

    He has been featured on Aston Villa TV and was invited as a guest when they played Portland Timbers.

  6. Mark Hamill - Wolves

    Mark Hamill - Wolves

    The "Star Wars" actor didn't fall into his support for Wolves in the traditional way, but his football club origin story is more wholesome than most. When he was asked on Twitter if he liked 'Wolves', Hamill thought that they had meant the animal and not the Molineux-based football team!

    But even after realising the mix-up, Hamill decided to continue his 'allegiance' with the Midlands side – saying on Twitter that "everyone got so excited - I HAD to be a fan".

  7. Samuel L Jackson - Liverpool

    Samuel L Jackson - Liverpool

    The "Pulp Fiction" star fell in love with Liverpool when he shot the 2002 film "51st State" in the city, experiencing a game at Anfield – and hasn't stopped supporting the Reds since.

    Jackson is vocal with his support for the Reds, often tweeting variations of "LIVERPOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!" on his account.

    The actor is apparently so affiliated with Liverpool that when Mesut Ozil wrongly branded him as an Arsenal fan in a tweet when the two met in 2014, he had to re-upload and re-caption the photo more generically.

  8. Hugh Grant - Fulham

    Hugh Grant - Fulham

    One of England's most beloved film stars, Grant is an avid fan of Fulham and frequently attends matches both home and away – and here he is pictured with former England manager Fabio Capello watching the Cottagers at Old Trafford.
  9. Elijah Wood - West Ham

    Elijah Wood - West Ham

    Wood, who is most known for his role as Frodo Baggins in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, was initially courted by co-star Dominic Monaghan to support Manchester United

    After Wood watched West Ham for the first time, however, he was quoted as saying, "F***ing hell, that's so much better'" – and pledged his allegiance to the Hammers ever since!

  10. Sir Patrick Stewart - Huddersfield

    Sir Patrick Stewart - Huddersfield

    The celebrated "Star Trek" actor is a keen Huddersfield follower, having grown up in Yorkshire. He has previously spoken of his admiration for the Leeds side of the 1970s Don Revie era, though he remains a Terriers fan through and through.

    “So I was a fan but they were not my local team and there was something about Huddersfield and their amazing history – although their great successes were way back in the ‘20s in the days of the great Herbert Chapman," he said.

    “I made the decision it was going to have to be Huddersfield because they’re my local club."

  11. Kevin Costner - Arsenal

    Kevin Costner - Arsenal

    Costner became an Arsenal fan when he filmed "Robin Hood" in England two decades ago and became enamoured with the football philosophy and fan culture in the country.

    The Hollywood star is so devoted to the Gunners that he even tried to reference the team in a recent film he starred in. In "Criminal", Costner plays a psychopath implanted with the memories of Ryan Reynolds’ dead CIA agent. Costner wanted to pitch a brief scene where his character mentions to a kid wearing an Arsenal scarf that he is a fan of the north Londoners as well, but the club denied permission as they felt the film was too violent.

  12. Sylvester Stallone - Everton

    Sylvester Stallone - Everton

    The "Rocky" actor is a Toffees supporter and even visited Goodison Park in 2007 for a game.

    His affiliation to the Merseyside club is due to his friendship with club director Robert Earl, and previously spoke of his regret of not buying out the club when he had the chance.

  13. Colin Firth - Arsenal

    Colin Firth - Arsenal

    Firth is a keen Arsenal supporter, and his allegiance with the Gunners led him to take on the lead role in 1997's "Fever Pitch". Based on the popular novel by Nick Hornby, the film follows the life and times of an Arsenal fan as the Gunners go through a season of hardship.
  14. James McAvoy - Celtic

    James McAvoy - Celtic

    The Glasgow native is a die-hard Celtic supporter and actually earned his role in the film "The Last Station" through being a football fan. He bonded with the producer, who supported Manchester United, alongside his own support of the Hoops.

    He has often lamented the difficulty of being a Celtic supporter, however, stating in an interview with The Guardian: "Being a Celtic fan is hard. You get the incredible highs, like beating Man Utd or Barcelona, but then the low-level depression when you get humped."

  15. Spike Lee - Arsenal

    Spike Lee - Arsenal

    In an interview with Labour MP David Lammy, the acclaimed director proclaimed his love for the north London side as a result of his fondness of Thierry Henry.

    "I’m going to the game tomorrow!" Lee said to David Lammy when he brought up the topic of Arsenal.

    An amused Lammy asked how the "Do the Right Thing" and "BlacKkKlansman" director came to support the Gunners and he replied: "Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry. You can’t blame for me that, though."

  16. Jay-Z - Arsenal

    Jay-Z - Arsenal

    Much like director Spike Lee, rapper Jay-Z's affections for Arsenal are rooted in his admiration of Thierry Henry. 

    He has frequented the Emirates a handful of times, as seen in the photo. In this particular occasion, he was accompanied by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who was possibly explaining to him the offside rule.

  17. Mike Myers - Liverpool

    Mike Myers - Liverpool

    The "Shrek" voice actor is a lifelong Liverpool fan and can be spotted at Anfield on the regular. Though he was born in Canada, his parents emigrated from Liverpool in 1956 and he is a devoted follower of the Reds, both home and away and across the Atlantic. He is known to make surprise appearances at Liverpool support club the Boot Room in New York City to watch games, to the delight of fellow American supporters.

    The ashes of Myers' father were scattered on the Mersey by Mike and his brother Paul after his death in 1991.

  18. Will Ferrell - LAFC & Chelsea

    Will Ferrell - LAFC & Chelsea

    One of Hollywood's most beloved comedians, Ferrell is a fan of both LAFC and Chelsea. He is one of several celebrity owners of the Tinseltown side along with Mia Hamm and Magic Johnson.

    Ferrell is also a fan of the Blues and acted as honourary club captain during a U.S. pre-season game in 2009 against Inter.

    The comedian also once made a crack at Jose Mourinho's tactics when he was manager of the club, quoted as saying at the GQ awards: "Keep playing defence man, keep playing seven guys in the box. I love it, I love it."

  19. Drew Carey - Seattle Sounders

    Drew Carey - Seattle Sounders

    The former "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host is an avid Sounders fan, and has been a minority owner with the club since their MLS inception in 2009.

    He is a frequent Sounders match-goer, and his love for both MLS and American soccer has been well-documented throughout the years.

  20. Cameron Diaz - Brentford

    Cameron Diaz - Brentford

    The "My Best Friend's Wedding" actress may have only just mentioned the club briefly in passing, but that didn't stop former Brentford chairman Dan Tana to make the most of the allegiance.

    Tana, who now owns an LA restaurant popular among the glitterati, has stated: "Cameron is a regular and she's always on the Griffin Park terraces whenever she's in London."

  21. Jude Law - Tottenham

    Jude Law - Tottenham

    The London-born two-time Academy Award nominee is a lifelong devotee of Tottenham Hotspur, and has been spotted at their training ground. He has also given an interview to Spurs TV about his love for the club following their qualification for the Champions League in 2010.

    Though he has regretted the fact that his busy schedule does not permit him to follow the Lilywhites as often as he likes, he still makes an effort to attend the games on matchday.

  22. Tom Cruise - LA Galaxy

    Tom Cruise - LA Galaxy

    The "Mission Impossible" star is understood to be a close friend of former LA Galaxy star David Beckham. Cruise reportedly was instrumental in convincing Beckham to make the move to the West Coast, with the ex-England international even admitting that his friend inspired him to name his son Cruz.

    "I must admit, when [Victoria and I] met Tom, I remember turning around to Victoria and saying, 'Cruise is a great name, but we could spell it differently,''' Beckham says in the book The Beckham Experiment.

    "And also, living in Spain, Cruz is spelled the way it is in Spanish. So that's why we got it."

  23. Mark Wahlberg - Tottenham

    Mark Wahlberg - Tottenham

    Wahlberg, who is known for his roles in "Ted", "Boogie Nights" and "The Departed", visited White Hart Lane in 2016.

    The actor watched Croatia's dramatic quarter-final penalty shoot-out win over Russia in the World Cup with his family and posted a video on Instagram that rallied his support for Harry Kane and Dele, stating: "Congrats to Russia on an amazing World Cup run. Croatia, great win. Harry and Dele – your turn now boys!"

  24. Sir Elton John - Watford

    Sir Elton John - Watford

    The legendary musician, born in Middlesex, is a lifelong supporter of the Hornets and became club chairman in 1976.

    He then declared an ambition to take the team into the First Division, sacked George Kirby's successor Mike Keen in April 1977 and was honoured with the Elton John Stand in 2014.

  25. Gerard Butler - Celtic

    Gerard Butler - Celtic

    The Scottish actor is a die-hard Celtic fan and got so worked up over his side's Champions League match against Barcelona in 2012 that he had to depart his business dinner in Dubai to finish the game.

    He has since claimed to have been in tears by the end of the fixture, which the Hoops won 2-1.

    Butler has supported the Scottish side since childhood and even got to represent Celtic in the 2012 film "Playing for Keeps" as a "has-been" player.

  26. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Swansea

    Catherine Zeta-Jones - Swansea

    A Wales native, Zeta-Jones still follows her hometown club and spoke of her passion after the side's 2013 League Cup triumph.

  27. Kobe Bryant - Barcelona

    Kobe Bryant - Barcelona

    The LA Lakers basketball legend joined the club for a promotional event in 2006 and has returned to visit the Catalan side on many occasions, and wore a Barcelona jersey on the cover of ESPN The Magazine.

  28. Tom Hardy - Unknown

    Tom Hardy - Unknown

    Despite having narrated Amazon's Tottenham: All or Nothing documentary, Tom Hardy's football allegiances - if he even has any - are still tightly under wraps.

    The Mad Max: Fury Road star has never made clear which team he supports, and despite being from London, there has been no proof that he has ties to the likes of Chelsea or Tottenham.

  29. Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney

    Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney

    The two aren't Wrexham fans per say - or maybe they were?! - but the two Hollywood stars were named as new owners of the Welsh club in November 2020.

    It was a surprise move for the Deadpool actor and the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, who weren't known to have any sort of football allegiances, but the pair have outlined their intentions of returning Wrexham to the top of the English football pyramid as well as other long-term club goals.

  30. Mark Wahlberg | Tottenham

    Mark Wahlberg | Tottenham

    It isn't exactly clear as to why 'Marky Mark' has aligned himself to the Lilywhites, but it seems as if he has an affinity with the north Londoners.

    The Renaissance Man actor posted a video to his Instagram of England at the 2018 World Cup, cheering on Dele and Harry Kane in particular: "Congrats to Russia on an amazing World Cup run. Croatia, great win. @harrykane @dele your turn now boys! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿"