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Stars of the game come together for adidas' commercial - 'Create The Answer'

07:51 BST 03/07/2018
Paul Pogba Adidas
Footballing behemoths like Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Zinedine Zidane have all come together to prove creativity is the answer...

adidas, the German footwear behemoth, has attempted to bring cheer of the football World Cup to its legions of fans around the world by impressing upon them the need to harness the power of creativity, a motto the brand has stood for, for much of the 21st century.

In a recently released commercial, the makers of famous models such as the Predator, the 16.1 Pure Chaos etc., have weaved together a script featuring over 50 of their world’s most celebrated footballers and stars from other sport cultures like Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Mesut Ozil and Mohamed Salah alongside coaches such as Zinedine Zidane and Mourinho. Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and singer Pharrell Williams also feature in the commercial.

In the advertisement, which has been titled ‘Create The Answer’, Messi leads the camera backstage where an assortment of footballers and sportsmen are seen getting ready for an event. The hosts of the show then prep the audience as well as the competitors for an action packed set of activities.

Even as the players leave the room, Mourinho too is seen shouting words of encouragement at the players with a pat on the back. What could possibly be going on?

It turns out that the hosts of the programme are looking for an answer to save the world, and that is nothing but Creativity. The camera pans to Pogba and his lieutenants, who dazzle the audiences with an impressive set of keepy-ups.

The vent in question is actually a football match played in a steel-cage wherein mixed teams of adidas Male and Female ambassadors, coached by Zidane and Mourinho, vie for a victory and the label of being ‘best creators’.

Shot through stunning sets of camera angles, colours and most importantly football skills, the video unleashes the best possible answer to those wondering what the complete range of a footballer’s skillsets are - whether it’s in close spaces or with the entire field at his or her disposal.

Dele Alli can be seen whirring away after scoring a sumptuous volley, much to David De Gea’s admiration, while David Beckham speaks on how he misses the on-field action.
“The moments I’m most proud of – both off and on the pitch – are when technique, hard work and creativity come together at the same time. It is all about hard work and then that little bit of luck – that’s when the really special stuff happens,” reveals the Manchester United icon.

The camera pans to Ozil, ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Roberto Firmino initially playing a game of a mix between Volleyball and football but scrap it midway to break into a show of freestyle extravaganza which gets the hosts and crowds into a phrase of ‘flip the script’.

The emphasis of this part in the video was on users to make sure boundaries don’t deter their sense of creativity. Messi is then seen throwing away a pre-written script while footballers pose with ‘creators’ or the adidas lovers.

“On the pitch, a moment of creativity can transform a game – you have to see the things that others can’t see and take chances others won’t. Creativity sets players apart,” revealed the Argentine legend.

The video ends with Pharrell Williams, the famous musician, with a message that resonates throughout the video. “For me, creativity is about absorbing the experiences that are unique to you as an individual and channelling them. Creativity can change everything,” states the ‘Happy’ singer.

Pointing the mic at the viewer, he urges them – irrespective of age, race and sex – to rise up, inspiring viewers to challenge their own game and life, and prove to themselves that “Creativity is the answer!”