Wolves and Black Arrow FC team up with Nkenge Brown to blur the lines between soccer, fashion and Black culture

Nkenge Brown x Wolves x Black ArrowBlack Arrow
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With an overlapping aim to tap into the intersection of soccer and Black culture, Premier League club Wolves and Black Arrow FC release the second installment of their collaboration. 

The ongoing partnership sees Wolves attract a new type of soccer fan - calling upon the US audience -  through Black Arrow and New York-based influencer and creative, Nkenge Brown

Wolves x Black Arrow FC x Nkenge BrownBlack Arrow FC

Wolves make use of their history to bridge the gap between soccer and fashion, all while attracting a new type of fan in Nkenge. Nkenge brings her digital platform to showcase her personal take on the intersection between soccer and style, with Wolves kits and clothing seamlessly incorporated into her everyday. 

Featuring soccer kits that look just as good off the pitch as they do on them, the iconic Wolves crest and bespoke retro kits get their moment in the spotlight through the project. Nkenge helping to push the boundaries of soccer culture, using Wolves’ retro kits to redefine her wardrobe and empower both herself and other women to view soccer as a women’s game, just as much as a men’s game.

Wolves x Black Arrow FC x Nkenge Brown '74 KitBlack Arrow FC

From 2022-23 season kits to classic retro’s dating as far back as 1974, all kits and clothing showcased are available to shop right now from the Wolves FC online store

Plus, you can bag free shipping to the US until December, 10. So, if you’re looking to treat a loved one this holiday season or indulge in something for yourself, there’s never been a better time. Here’s a closer look at some of GOAL’s favorite items from the Nkenge x Wolves FC edit: