NXGN 2023 women's GFXGOAL

NXGN: Jaedyn Shaw, Alyssa Thompson and where 2023's best women's football wonderkids are now

Every year, GOAL releases its NXGN lists, highlighting the best young talents in world football. After starting with the men’s game in 2016, the first women’s list was published in 2020, with many of its alumni having already gone on to achieve incredible things.

And so after the NXGN 2024 list was revealed, here’s a look at where the wonderkids of 2023 are today:

NB: In 2023, the NXGN players were not ranked. However, the elite players were dubbed the 'NXGN Nine'. As such, the players are listed alphabetically, with the 'NXGN Nine' closing out the list.

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