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What is a Patent Bet

What is a Patent Bet: Complete Guide to Understanding Patent Betting Online

Patent bets have emerged as a popular strategy for sports betting enthusiasts, providing a unique avenue to potentially multiply their winnings.

A patent bet involves the bettor choosing three different selections and then having seven wagers placed on these for them.

Introduction to Patent Bets: What are They?

A patent bet is a type of wager that encompasses seven individual bets, placed on three different selections.

It is a popular betting strategy among sports betting enthusiasts due to its exciting structure and potential for a healthy return.

To better understand, consider this simple example:

Imagine you're betting on three football matches, with teams A, B, and C.

A Patent Bet would then place:

  • Three single bets to win (A, B and C).
  • Three double bets to win (A+B, A+C and B+C)
  • And one treble bet to win (A+B+C).

Profits can therefore come from many different sources depending on how many of the backed sides emerge victorious.

  • If one team wins, you'll receive a payout from one of the singles.
  • If two teams win then two or the singles and one double will payout.
  • If all three teams win, the three singles, three doubles and the treble will win, meaning the full profits of the bet will be paid out.

This strategy has its advantages as, even if not all your selections come in as winners, some profit can still be made.

Wagering on a Patent Bet

It must be noted also then when placing a Patent bet whatever initial wager is placed will then be duplicated across all seven bets, to form the total stake.

Therefore, if 50p was wagered, then the total stake would be £3.50. This is because £0.50 x 7 = £3.50.

This is just a part of the Patent bet that must be remembered so players aren’t surprised at the overall value of their stake.

Real-Life Example of Patent Betting

Consider a football enthusiast choosing three matches from the Premier League.

They predict the following outcomes:

  • Match A: Chelsea to beat Man Utd
  • Match B: Liverpool to draw against Everton
  • Match C: Man City to beat Arsenal

These three predictions form the foundation of their patent bet.

If Chelsea beat Man Utd then Match A is correct and they win one of their single bets.

If Chelsea beat Man Utd and Liverpool draw with Everton then both Match A and Match B are winners. One of their double bets is won, as well as two of the singles.

If Chelsea beat Man Utd, Liverpool draw with Everton and Man City beat Arsenal, then Match A, B and C are all winners. Then all the singles, doubles and treble bet win, leading to significant returns.

The Best Betting Sites for Patent Betting


BoyleSports are comfortably one of the best betting sites out there for patent betting right now.

This is because of their sincere commitment to horse racing, where patent bets are most commonly used. They provide what is comfortably the widest range of horse racing offerings, and a dedicated tool to help players create these cover bets.

Outside of this placing a patent bet with them has never been easier, for any sports, with the option being prominently displayed within the betslip, and then calculating the odds, totL stake and potential payout for punters automatically.


bet365 comes into our list thanks to their fantastic odds, which can be found across all of their sports betting markets.

This only serves players when it comes to patent betting, allowing for the total potential payout to be higher, but increasing the value of the singles and doubles.

Enabling players to see greater returns should only one or two of the legs land, still potentially providing players with decent returns courtesy of some excellent prices.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet have one of the most extensive sets of live streams in the UK and this makes them perfect for patent betting.

Because players are then able to watch each of their selections, hopefully, land. The patent bet enables qualification for these streams as well, something that not all bookmakers provide.

The ability for players to watch their bets unfold and potentially win is a great feature of patent betting with Sky Bet.


Unibet combines both decently competitive odds and a handy system for patent betting into one, making them a great option for players.

Placing one takes mere minutes with handy betslip shortcuts, and prices that can sometimes provide some of the best value around.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power also makes life nice and easy for their players, as once the three selections have been chosen, a patent bet is one of the first options in the betslip.

This facilitated a nice and simple process for players, with the stake, odds and potential payout all calculated for players also, so they know exactly what they could be in for.

Patent Betting FAQs

What is a Patent?

A Patent bet contains three different selections on which seven bets are placed.

This extends to three singles, three doubles and a treble, covering all the three selections.

Are Patent Bets worth it?

A patent bet can be worth it as it allows for players to still see some returns even if only one of their three selections lands.

They offer players both the chance to win big as well as the potential of profits should one or two fail.

How do I work out the stake of my patent?

Simply multiply your initial stake by seven.

This is because seven separate bets will be placed, each of which requires its own stake.

Is a patent bet the same as a round robin?

Yes, a patent and round robin are the same kind of bet, with patents being more commonly used in the UK.

Round robin is also used but is more common in America.