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Football Manager 2024 Touch: How to play on Apple Arcade & everything you need to know

Football Manager has been the leading soccer management simulation game in the world for many years now, thanks to its impeccable attention to detail and the vast swathe of scenarios it presents to players.

The latest edition, Football Manager 2024, is out now, and for the second year running, you can play FM24 Touch only on Apple Arcade.

So, what exactly is Football Manager 2024 Touch and how can you play it on Apple Arcade? Here, GOAL brings you everything you need to know.

How to play Football Manager 2024 Touch on Apple Arcade

You can play Football Manager 2024 Touch by joining Apple Arcade. The hugely popular Sports Interactive game is one of over 200+ titles available to play on the platform.

You have the option of two subscription packages on Apple Arcade. A monthly subscription to Apple Arcade costs $6.99 in the United States or $49.99 p/a. In the UK, the price is £6.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

A free trial is available for new subscribers, too, so you can make your mind up after testing things out yourself.

What is Football Manager 2024 Touch?

Football Manager 2024 Touch is a streamlined version of Football Manager 2024 that is optimised for players who want to play the iconic game without getting too bogged down in the granular aspects.

On FM24 Touch, you can still look after the usual tasks of management such as tactical preparations, transfers, training, set-pieces and relationships with players, so you still have plenty of control over your team.

As well as that, matches can still be watched as normal through the 3D match engine, so the difference with the full version of the game is minimal in that respect too.

In a fascinating tweak, there are now three new game modes to explore on FM24 Touch as well.

They are: Original, wherein players are at the clubs they're contracted to in the database at the start of your game, Real World, which sees players start at the clubs they were at at the real-life date your careers then move to clubs as they normally would have, and Your World, where budgets are set at the start and all future transfers cancelled - so history will be changed.

Which devices is Football Manager 2024 Touch available on?

Football Manager 2024 Touch is playable on Mac, iPad and iPhone with Apple Arcade. Improvements have been made on the aesthetics of the game on iPhone this year, too.

It can also be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, Android tablets and mobile devices.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service which offers over 200+ games to subscribers, including Football Manager 2024 Touch.

It is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Find out more here!