Who are the best free agents on FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 Balazs DzsudzsakGetty/EA Sports

Managing mega-clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester United in Career Mode in FIFA 20 is not enough of a challenge for some people. Instead, they like taking charge of a sleeping giant or a lower-league side for a more difficult career.

Smaller teams in FIFA 20 do not have the transfer budgets or wage allocations to compete with the big clubs and thus managers must be savvy in the transfer market. One such way is to sign players on a free transfer, picking up out-of-contract players to keep costs down.

There are always players available for a free transfer, but many of these are without a club for a reason and scouting them is a waste of time. However, there are some gems to be found as free agents at the start of the game, including experienced veterans like Balazs Dzdudzsak, Wilfried Bony and Hector Moreno, as well as some young stars like Wilmar Barrios who has the potential to become an 83-rated midfielder despite being unattached in FIFA 20.

Some of these players have found clubs in real life, but remain unattached in Career Mode as their clubs are not licensed in FIFA 20. Similarly, a few of the players from this list will get randomly assigned to clubs at the start of the game, despite never playing for them in real life. Therefore, not every player on this list will be available for free in each career, but many will be unattached at the beginning of the game.

FIFA 20: Best Free Agents

E Schetino27CB8282
J Sildero27CAM, RM8282
J Frendado35CB, CDM8181
S Mandiquez30ST8181
S Ardero31CAM, LM, LW8181
L Dalves27ST, CF8181
J Serendero31GK8080
M Baldona35CDM, CM8080
M Nerez31LB, LM8080
A Lunev27GK7981
D Lenzado31CB, LB7979
E Riquero31CDM, CM, CAM7979
L Sareda27GK7979
E Aguerro31ST7979
A Dzyuba30ST7979
E Guichon31LB, LM7878
G Quintana35RB, RM7878
F Contendo35CAM, CF7878
H Moreno31CB7878
W Barrios25CDM, CM7883
J Monsario34CB7777
L Baezo31CDM7777
A Piriz31CAM, CF7777
S Luna31RB, RM, CM7777
V Castro27CDM, CM7777
D Kuzyaev26CM, CDM, RM7780
M Berg32ST, CF7777
I Popov31CAM, ST7676
A Zamorado38LM7676
A Aguilmera33CB7676
K Berlaso31RB7676
Y Zhirkov35LB, LM7676
G Ichazo27CB, RB, LB7676
M Fagundez35CDM7676
A Vera31ST, CF7676
B Dzsudzsak32LM, RM7676
H Perez30RM, LM7676
V Claeson27CAM, CM, LM7677
Y Osorio25CB7682
W Bony30ST7575
Y Gazinsky29CDM, CM7575
O Cardozo36ST7575
P Vaquizo33RW, RM7575
P Darenas35GK7575
M Borjan31GK7575
M Mevlja29CB7576
T Hlatshwayo29CB, RB,7475
K Olsson24CM7479
C Njie25ST, LW7476
J Santigaro33GK7474
T Sainsbury27CB7475
A Semenov30CB7474
S Vilakazi29CAM, CF, CM7474
M Degenek25CB, CDM7481
T Serero29CM, CDM7474
B Jokic33LWB, LB, CB7474

CR = Current Rating

PR = Potential Rating

*Ages shown are the age at the start of Career Mode.

The best way to find which players are available is via the Transfers section and then by using the Search Players feature. You can then search for individual players by name to see if they are still unattached or have been assigned to a club at the start of Career Mode.

The Transfer Status filter also has an option for Free Agents which will bring up every unattached player in alphabetical order. These can be further filtered by position into goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. 

It is worth checking the Free Agents list in the Transfers section at the end of every season in Career Mode as more players will become unattached each year.