Klopp takes aim at UEFA and calls for Nations League to be scrapped: 'One of the most ridiculous ideas in football'

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Jurgen Klopp's war of words with UEFA continued as the Liverpool manager slammed the Nations League as a "ridiculous" idea.

Klopp criticised UEFA last week over the allocation of tickets for the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

The governing body's president Aleksander Ceferin hit back and said that he contacted the German to explain why only 20,000 tickets were given to fans of each side for the European showdown.

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What has Klopp said about the Nations League?

Klopp confirmed that he had a conversation with the UEFA chief and admitted that part of his frustration stems from the introduction of the Nations League competition.

"We didn't speak, he texted me. I obviously said that there should be more tickets for supporters and then I think the same explanation [he gave me] he gave publicly.

"What is it? 93% of the Champions League money goes to the clubs and UEFA only get a few euros and I replied and said 'OK, this is one of those situations where you should have more information before you give answers' but I cannot constantly be prepared for these kinds of things, but I still have an opinion.

"So it's fine, I will try to clarify that here that obviously I didn't know enough about it. But I said as well in this conversation, I have said now that he spoke to me, that the reason I am not in such a good mood when I speak about UEFA is because of the Nations League.

"I still think it is one of the most ridiculous ideas in the world of football because now we finish a season where [some] players have played more than 70 games, easily - club games 63 or 64, plus internationals - and then go direct to 75, which is pretty mad. We continue with Nations League games because we have to play them [when] there is no tournament, who cares we play four, five or six games with the national teams...

"So that is the reason because I would prefer UEFA take more money from the Champions League final and kick out the Nations League again. That would be my preferred solution and more tickets for the people anyway.

"That is my personal opinion. I read about it but maybe I don't have all the information, but it is still my opinion." 

What did Klopp say about the new Champions League format?

UEFA recently announced changes to the Champions League format for the 2024-25 season.

The number of teams will increase from 32 to 36.

Teams will play eight matches in the group stage as a result of the changes and Klopp is against the idea, telling reporters: "I had no time to really look. But more games is always a bad idea, to be honest. Always a bad idea.

"I spoke quite frequently about that, and obviously nobody is interested. That’s OK. I had no time to get into detail, but I heard a little bit about it. I knew before about the plans, I've had no time to get an opinion on it.”

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