Firmino's armpit ruled offside as Premier League explains disallowed goal amid more VAR outrage

Roberto Firmino Liverpool VAR

Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino's armpit fell foul of the offside law on Saturday as his goal against Aston Villa was overruled in the most marginal of calls thanks to VAR. 

The Brazilian had appeared to level at Villa Park after Trezeguet had given the hosts a shock lead early on.  

But the linesman's flag went up as he finished, and the decision was referred to the video officials to have the final say. 

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Firmino looked to be level, with perhaps a fraction of his body beyond the last defender, but that was enough to call play back and maintain Villa's lead going into half time. 

The Premier League attempted to quell the inevitable criticisms with a tweet explaining why Liverpool's equaliser had been overturned.  

"The red line signifies Firmino and was aligned to his armpit, which was marginally ahead of the last Villa defender," the governing body clarified as they showed the VAR decision in detail.  

But it was not enough to stop the onslaught of critics, most of whom believed the goal should have stood.