Everton chants: Lyrics & videos to the most popular Goodison Park songs

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If you're heading to Goodison Park to support the Blues, here are some chants to help soundtrack your matchday experience

The blue side of Merseyside are a passionate bunch, doing well to maintain their reputation as noisy neighbours despite whatever their red counterpart across Stanley Park may get up to.

As a club located in Liverpool, home of the likes of the Beatles, Echo & the Bunnymen and the La's, it's no surprise that Everton have some of the most memorable fan chants in England.

So if you're headed down to Goodison Park or following the Blues away, Goal has rounded up all the best Everton chants to help you support the team on matchday.

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It's a Grand Old Team

A staple of Blues matchday goers, it inevitably references the other team on Merseyside.

Hail, Hail, The Everton are here,
What the hell do we care,
What the hell do we care,
Hail, Hail, The Everton are here,
What the hell do we care now ...

For its a Grand Old Team to play for,
For its a Grand Old team to see,
And if you know the history,
It's enough to make your heart go

We don't care what the REDS**** say,
What the f*** do we care,
For we all know,
That there's going to be a show,
When the Everton boys are there

Roberto Had a Dream

An ode to Everton's former manager Roberto Martinez, who led the Blues to fifth in the Premier League ahead of rivals Liverpool. He was sacked after three seasons, however, following a 12th-placed finish in the league.

Roberto had a dream
To build a football team
He had no money so he signed the players on loan
We play from the back
With Ross in attack
The School of Science
Is on the way back

Allez, Allez, Oh

Not to be confused with the now-famous 'Allez, Allez Allez'! chant that Liverpool fans adopted during their most recent Champions League run, as Everton are not in the Champions League.

Allez, Allez, Oh
Allez, Allez, Oh
We're Everton FC
Roberto's Blue Army

60 Grand Seamus Coleman

60 grand, 60 grand, Seamus Coleman
60 grand, 60 grand, I say
60 grand, 60 grand, Seamus Coleman 
Playing football the Everton way

Singing the Blues

I've never felt more like singin' the Blues
When Everton win and Liverpool lose
Oh, Everton, you've got me singin' the Blue

Banks Of The Royal Blue Mersey

Another Everton fan chant that references Liverpool, this time name-dropping several past Reds greats – with Bill Shankly, Ian St John and Ronnie Whelan all getting a shout-out.

Oh we hate Shankly
And we hate St John
But most of all we hate Big Ron
And we'll hang the Kopites one by one
On the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey

So to hell with Liverpool and Rangers too
We'll throw them all in the Mersey
And we'll fight fight fight
With all our might
For the lads in the Royal Blue Jersey

Forever Everton

Everton, Everton,
We're Forever Everton,
Everton, Everton,
We're Forever Everton 
All for one
One for all
Everton's the team that plays beautiful football

We've got the best supporters
On any football ground
And as long as they're behind us
We'll never let them down
The men who go from Merseyside
To sail the seven sea's
Will hear the call of Everton
Come riding on the green

Here We Go

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Everton is the best we all know
We’re the team, we’re supreme, number one
And we love you, Everton

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Side by side as we sing along together
We’re Everton and we’ll be Everton forever

Everton forever, we are on our way together
Getting stronger every day, we are winners all the way

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Everton is the best we all know
We’re the team, we’re supreme, number one
And we love you, Everton