Ten moments that cost Liverpool a top-four finish and Champions League qualification

Salah Klopp Nunez Liverpool GFXGetty/GOAL

As Mohamed Salah put it on Thursday, even the "bare minimum" proved beyond Liverpool this season. Had you suggested, a year or so ago, that Jurgen Klopp’s side would soon find themselves outside the Champions League, few would have believed you. Football, though, moves in mysterious ways.

Having been on the brink of four trophies last term, the Reds couldn’t even secure fourth place this time around. A slow start turned into a wretched autumn, and by the time their dreadful winter was over, Klopp’s side needed miracles which ultimately never arrived.

A body blow, for sure, for a side who had contested three of the last five Champions League finals prior to this one, and one which could have a significant impact on the club moving forward.

Ultimately, though, Liverpool can have few complaints. Over the course of the season, they simply haven’t been good enough. Here’s where it all went wrong for the Reds…