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Freiburg appeal for forfeit win after Bayern Munich fielded 12 players in 4-1 Bundesliga clash

Freiburg say they have appealed the result of their 4-1 loss to Bayern Munich after the Bundesliga champions fielded a 12th man during the second half.

A mix-up among Julian Nagelsmann's substitutions led to an extra player entering the field in the closing stages, prompting a prolonged delay for the matter to be resolved.

Bayern went on to assure victory, but now their rivals say they intend to argue for the result to be forfeit, while stressing that they feel they should not have had to take the matter up themselves.

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What has been said?

"We are in a dilemma through no fault of our own," read an official club statement. "Freiburg had no part or influence on the events surrounding the process. Nevertheless, the legal and procedural rules of the DFB formally force us to play an active role in order to have the processes legally checked.

"In principle, we have no interest whatsoever in this active role, which has been given to us against our will in terms of procedural technology, and we feel extremely uncomfortable in it.

"Ultimately, it burdens the completely uninvolved club - in this case us - with the responsibility for processing an obvious violation of the rules. Nevertheless, after intensive discussions at different levels and a legal examination, the board of Freiburg [has] decided to appeal against the result of the game."

What happened?

Bayern's victory at Europa-Park Stadion was marred by the prolonged extension to deal with Niklas Sule and Kingsley Coman's arrival and the brief period where the visitors had an additional body on the pitch.

DFB rules suggest that the result should therefore be forfeit if the culpable side is found to be in breach, but head referee Christian Dingert subsequently suggested that it was the fault of the match officials instead.

Whether Freiburg's appeal to take the points is successful remains to be seen, but with the club firmly in the thick of a top-four race for the Champions League, they will be keen to see the rules applied as initially suggested.

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