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Champions League 2022-23 prize money: How much will winners of Man City vs Inter clash get?

The financial rewards of the Champions League form a major part of the season-to-season plans of the biggest clubs in the world.

By simply reaching the group stage of Europe's premier club competition, a team can earn millions which can change the fortunes of the smaller clubs overnight.

The overall prize handed out depends, of course, on how many games a team wins and how far they manage to get. The final distribution of money also depends on how much UEFA actually receives.

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So, how much prize money will the finalists of the 2022-23 edition of the competition, - Manchester City and Inter win? GOAL brings you everything you need to know.

How much prize money do the Champions League 2022-23 winners get?

Winning the Champions League final is worth €20 million (£17m/$22m) and the runner-up receives €15.5 million (£13m/$17m).

The overall prize money given to the winner is much more than that, however, as rewards are accumulated each round depending on performance.

PositionPrize money
Winner€20 million
Runner-up€15.5 million
Semi-finalist€12.5 million
Quarter-finalist€10.6 million
Last 16€9.6 million
Group-stage win€2.8 million
Group-stage draw€930,000
Qualifying for group stage€15.64 million
Third qualifying round€500,000
Second qualifying round€400,000
First qualifying round€300,000

Based on the most recent figures, a single victory in the group stage is worth €2.8 million (£2.4m/$3m) and a draw is worth €930,000 (£783k/$1m).

If a team competes from the group stage and wins every match in the group stage and then proceeds to win the entire competition, then they'll earn a total of €69.8 million (£59m/$77m).

There is also TV revenue to be taken into account for those gracing the grandest of continental competitions.

That pot is estimated to be worth around €303.3 million (£261.32m/$324.87m), which is divided up between the teams involved based on their proportional market value and previous performances.

When those earnings are added to the winnings of an ultimately successful side, then they start to pull in over €85 million (£72m/$94m).

The winners of the Champions League, along with victors in the Europa League, also secure a spot in the UEFA Super Cup final.

Qualification for that contest is worth €3.5 million (£3m/$4m), while the team that goes on to lift the trophy is rewarded with a further €1 million (£842k/$1.1m).