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How to watch live sports on DAZN: boxing, football, soccer, snooker, eSports and more

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This page contains affiliate links. When you subscribe through the links, we may earn a commission.

Ever since they burst onto the scene as one of the leading sports streamers, DAZN has only gone from strength to strength around the globe with its roster of impressive coverage and major events.

Thanks to a partnership with Matchroom Boxing, the organization has become the first-stop shop for major fights across the United States, but there’s more than just twelve rounds in the ring when it comes to its other subscription offerings too.

So, what live sports can you get with DAZN? GOAL takes you through what you can watch, when to catch it and how much it will all cost.

What is DAZN?

DAZN is an independent sports streaming service operated by the DAZN Group, a British sports media organization previously known as Perform Group. It showcases a variety of sporting events, with streaming operations in multiple countries and territories around the world.

In the USA, it launched in September 2018 following a deal struck with Matchroom Boxing to showcase several major fights, leading off with Anthony Joshua’s victory over Alexander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium that same month.

In the subsequent half-decade, DAZN has increased its footprint and portfolio among streaming services in North America to become one of the fastest-growing homes for live sporting content.

What sports are available on DAZN?

With a wide plethora of sports and leagues covered by the streamer across the USA, DAZN subscribers will not be short of options to take in when they sign up for the service.


KSI v Joe FournierGetty Images

Having originally made its mark in the North American market with a focus on combat sports, DAZN remains a premier home for boxing among USA-based streamers, offering live coverage of effectively all major fights from the Eddie Hearn-backed promotion stable.

In addition, DAZN carries fights from Misfits Boxing, the promotion backed by social media personality-turned-fighter KSI, as well as Golden Boy, Overtime Boxing and the World Boxing Super Series. Few major fights will go ahead without coverage from DAZN these days.


 United States Football LeagueGetty Images

For those who want to get their gridiron fix, DAZN offers both live and on-demand coverage from the United States Football League, the revived minor league competition beneath the National Football League.

In addition, the streamer also covers A7FL, the seven-a-side version of gridiron football, and offers matches from the Women's National Football Conference too, allowing supporters to follow a host of sides and leagues across the course of the season.


UEFA Women’s Champions LeagueGetty Images

While other streamers may offer a broader variety of soccer options, DAZN is no slouch, with key rights to two of the biggest women’s competitions in the game.

The streamer will cover both the UEFA Women’s Champions League from start to finish, as well as offering matches from Liga F, the top-flight of women’s football in Spain.


snookerGetty Images

In a rarer sport found across rival streamers, DAZN is one of the leading homes for cue sports, with them carrying World Snooker, Matchroom Pool and the Champion of Champions tournament.

They also have the rights to Championship League Snooker, another Matchroom-developed event.


e sports Getty Images

One of the fastest growing disciplines in the world, DAZN’s digital power has helped it forge a portfolio reputation for eSports too, with Blast Premier - the leading competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - among its roster of events.

Other sports

 eSkootr ChampionshipGetty Images

In addition to the above, DAZN provides a wide variety of more niche sports and disciplines. Darts fans can watch a majority of events put on by the Professional Darts Corporation with the streamer, for example.

Additionally, motorsport’s eSkootr Championship and fishing’s Fish'O'Mania are also covered by DAZN.

DAZN Plans & Subscription

It couldn’t be easier to sign up for DAZN, with the streamer offering a variety of plans to best suit individual customer needs. Each will get you the same DAZN service, but they come in different shapes and with different perks, depending on what you want.

Exclusively available through DAZN’s website, the Monthly Saver Plan locks subscribers in at $19.99 per month on a year-long contract, offering their best value price to customers, though it is not available through a third-party retailer.

DAZN’s other two plans are the Annual Super Saver, at $224.99 for a year, where you can pay upfront for stronger value, or the Flexible Pass, which will cost more over a year at $24.99 per month but also allows users to cancel with 30 days’ notice if they wish to.

How to sign up for DAZN

It’s easy to sign up for DAZN and get started with all your live sports needs. Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Head to the DAZN website’s payment page, which you can find at
  • Select your desired package - Monthly Saver, Annual Super Saver or Flexible pass
  • Enter your full name, email address, and password of your choice, then click "Continue" to finish signing up.
  • You'll be prompted to enter your payment information.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access your DAZN service.

Watching Live Sports on DAZN

With plenty of coverage across multiple sports and leagues, there’s something for everyone to get stuck into with a subscription to DAZN, particularly for those who like their combat sports.

The streamer’s ever-expanding portfolio makes them a worthwhile investment for future events down the line too, opening you up to a world of possibility.

Can I watch the NFL on DAZN?

If there is a drawback for USA subscribers with DAZN, then it may be its lack of NFL coverage, particularly when the organization has a global deal to carry the NFL Game Pass this season.

Sadly, this is only available outside of the United States, meaning you cannot watch the NFL on DAZN in the country. In order to find out how you can watch the NFL, head to GOAL’s guide on how to watch the NFL this season.

DAZN Pros & Cons

There are plenty of benefits to DAZN, but no streamer comes without its pluses and minuses. Here are some strengths and drawbacks to DAZN that may help you decide if it is the right service for your needs:


  • Excellent coverage for combat sports
  • Wide variety of niche sports content
  • Room for further growth


  • Limited coverage of other major sports
  • Niche interests may be redundant to the audience
  • Pricing is less competitive than other streamers

The bottom line

If you want to ensure your coverage for top-of-the-line boxing bouts all year long, then it is absolutely worth your time to pick up a DAZN subscription so you can step into the ring.

For those who want a broader selection of top-tier sports, however, you may find yourself needing to combine your purchase with that of another streamer or sports broadcast service, given that DAZN is yet to corner the market elsewhere across major US sports.