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GOALSTUDIO Launches 2nd 20S/S Capsule Collection “MADCATTOS FC”

1:10 PM EDT 4/29/20
Madcattos FC
GOALSTUDIO has released it's latest capsule collection inspired by our feline companions

GOALSTUDIO, the football-inspired street casual brand, have launched their 2nd capsule collection of the season.

Launching MADCATTOS FC, GOALSTUDIO have teamed up with renowned graphic artist, OKEH, who is famous for his striking illustration style to launch the new capsule collection. OKEH has also previously collaborated with numerous global fashion brands such as Vans and Calvin Klein.

With GOALSTUDIO’s concept this season being ‘MADNESS’, OKEH felt that this was portrayed perfectly through graphics of cats patrolling the streets. He envisaged first-hand that their daily desperateness to survive was a perfect example of madness, an element of life which can be found in all of us.

So, we introduce to you MADCATTOS FC, the most competitive football club whose focus is based on the spirit of our street cats.

MADCATTOS FC is also more than a football club, it represents our own survival each day in the city. Within the shouts of street market vendors, noises from old ironwork machines and general office hustle-and-bustle, we can hear raw voices, pursuing their only goal to persevere.

Keep your MADNESS.

Check out the collection here.