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'Dangerous scenes' at Wembley as fans break through security to try to get into stadium ahead of England's Euro 2020 final vs Italy

1:27 PM EDT 7/11/21
Wembley outside Italy vs England Euro 2020 final
There are security concerns ahead of what is the Three Lions' biggest match since the 1966 World Cup final

England fans desperate to see their side in the Euro 2020 final against Italy have broken a security cordon around Wembley and tried to get into the stadium.

Reports around the ground suggest that numerous fans have managed to break security cordons in an effort to gain access to the stadium, although just how many have done so is unclear.

Sunday’s game represents England’s biggest match since the 1966 World Cup final – also at Wembley – as it is the first major final that the Three Lions have played since then.

What’s happened?

Telegraph journalist Sam Wallace posted a video on Twitter of the incidents, adding: “Febrile atmosphere at Wembley. This is near the main entrance to Club Wembley a few minutes ago where it looked like a group of fans broke through the security cordon. Stewards currently chasing people around. Not sure they’ll get all the way to the wine and canapés.

“Just seen another fan jump down a 20 foot+ wall to try to get into the inner cordon near the media entrance. He’s telling the stewards escorting him away he had his ticket stolen. You don’t get this for a November World Cup qualifier against Bulgaria.”

Chris Kamara, a popular pundit, added: "Horrendous walk down Wembley way, ended up dodging bottles and beer thrown in the air & walking on broken glass all the way. What is wrong with people?"

More video footage has emerged, meanwhile, of a large group of fans who broke a security cordon to gain access to the outer areas of the stadium.

What's it like around the ground?

Goal correspondent Nizaar Kinsella has explained what the atmosphere is like at the ground:

"There's some concern in the press box at Wembley, with journalists sharing stories of scenes witnessed on the 156-metre walk leading up to the stadium. 

"People have had their credentials stolen, there have been fights, displays of public nudity and 40 or so people tried to rush into the VIP club Wembley seats without tickets. 

"Personally, I witnessed some dangerous scenes with people climbing up scaffolding and an injured supporter with blood all down his face. 

"It has led to an atmosphere among security and police of concern as they risk being outnumbered before the showpiece event. Metal barriers have been erected now to try to control a crowd where many have consumed a significant amount of alcohol."

What has been said?

A Wembley Stadium spokesperson said: "We are dealing with an incident that occurred at the outer security perimeter area of the stadium, with support from police.

"Safety measures were quickly activated in the relevant areas and there were no security breaches of people without tickets getting inside the stadium."

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