The 10 best FIFA 20 esports kits and how to get them

Esports Kits FIFA 20
With 21 new esports kits coming to FIFA 20, these are Goal's picks for the 10 best...

To kick off the start of the EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series, fans will be able to get their hands on the kits worn by some of the biggest players competing during this year's season. 

With 21 kits available, these are our choices for the 10 that you need to add to your virtual shirt collection.

To get their hands on these kits FIFA fans need to link their PlayStation Network ID or Xbox Gamertag to their Twitch accounts and then watch the FUT Champions Cup Stage 1 event on Twitch on October 8th to 10th.

  1. DUX Gaming
    EA Sports

    DUX Gaming

    Spanish esports team DUX Gaming have one of the most striking shirts not only in the recent crop of esports kits, but FIFA 20 as a whole. It won't be lost on Juventus fans that this kit would have been been a better choice for this year's home shirt. 
  2. Fokus Clan
    EA Sports

    Fokus Clan

    The Fokus Clan kit might be simple, but all black kits look great on the pitch and the same is true here. With one of the strongest squads in professional FIFA, this kit will be worn by current FIFA eWorld Cup champion Mohammed ‘Mo Auba’ Harkous.
  3. Vitality
    EA Sports


    The French esports orgs have one of the most recognisable kits in esports, which this season be worn by the likes of Chorentin 'Maestro' Thuillier and Corentin 'Rocky' Chevrey.
  4. North
    EA Sports


    The Copenhagen-based eports organisation are the current eSuperLiga champions and have Marcus "Marcuzo45' Jørgensen among their ranks.
  5. Hashtag
    EA Sports


    Hastag United have some of the biggest personalities in competitive FIFA in their team and will be easy to notice in their home kit.

    Sadly the recently released purple away shirt is not in FIFA 20. Harry 'Hashtag Harry' Hesketh will be representing Hashtag United in the first FUT Champions Cup of the season in Bucharest.

    EA Sports


    More than a FIFA Ultimate Team database, FUTWIZ is one of the most competitive teams in professional FIFA. Their new green and black kit will be worn at the first FUT Champions Cup of the season by Kylem "Lyricz" Edwards.
  7. M10
    EA Sports


    Mesut Ozil's own esports team, M10, competes in both Fortnite and FIFA and includes Levy 'M10 Levy' Frederique among their ranks. Perhaps the M10 kit with their distinctive M branding will be popular with fans of the Arsenal midfielder. 
  8. SPDG
    EA Sports


    You do not see much spartan headgear on football shirts and that is why the introduction of these esports kits are a welcome addition to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.
  9. Complexity
    EA Sports


    The American esports organisation is new to the professional FIFA scene, but with Joksan Redona on their roster they are not short of experience or of a striking kit.

  10. SK
    EA Sports


    You do not see many pink and grey kits on FIFA 20, so the SK Gaming shirt should stand out on the pitch.