Every Premier League manager in 2022-23, from Frank Lampard to Pep Guardiola - ranked

Premier League manager rankings GFXGOAL

The Premier League has gone sacking crazy this season, with 14 managers in total losing their jobs during the 2022-23 campaign. Some of the dismissals came as a surprise, others were long overdue, while one or two came close to breaking the internet.

This churn of head coaches shows little sign of slowing down next season, either. The financial rewards for remaining in the Premier League or qualifying for Europe are so massive that clubs will do anything to earn a few more precious points.

With so many different sackees to keep track of, you might need your memory jogging to recall some of the coaches that have taken charge of top-flight sides over the past nine months. So, we've decided to provide a valuable public service by assessing the jobs done by all 34 Premier League managers this season.

A quick disclaimer before we get going: There is a really crowded field at the top of the list that were hard to separate, with a whole of host of candidates thriving in wildly different conditions this season. Picking an order for the bottom end of the list wasn't much easier. A variety of factors including pre-job expectations, budget and player quality, all influenced each manager's final position.

A few of the rankings might change when the final round of fixtures is complete, too. Anyway, enough stalling, let's get underway...