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The DNA to take Malaysian football to greener pastures

3:09 PM IST 09/07/19
Dato' Hamidin, Stuart Ramalingam, Dato' Subahan, FAM
Finally Malaysian football will have its own DNA as FAM's revamping plans continues to gain momentum in a massive overhaul of the sport.

The big launch was completed in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday evening as Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) defined what is 'The Malaysian Way' in a holistic approach on how the players are trained and developed from the grassroots to elite level.

FAM president Dato' Hamidin Amin officiated the launch which will inculcate the national football philosophy through a uniformed coaching system across all age groups being the guideline and reference to players and coaches from the early stage to the final stage.

The DNA presented by FAM's technical director Peter de Roo sees 4-3-3 as the perfect formation for Malaysian football which stresses on the importance of playing proactive effective possession based football with players learning to make right independent decisions at all times.

It is a methodology that is divided into the four stages of development from Discovery Stage (5-8 years) to Skills Development Stage (9-12 years) to Game Development Stage (13-16 years) to Performance Stage (above 17 years).

“As the governing body and part of the technical department, we always have to anticipate for the future. In football, we cannot wait for things to happen, we always have to think ahead. That’s in the methodology, the playing style, how we talk to young kids and how they learn.

"So with the support of all the stakeholders like the management, state FAs, coaches and even media; I’m sure we will be successful," said Peter at the launch.

Technical directors from respective state associations were present during the two-day Technical Directors Summit organised by FAM as the 'Malaysian Football DNA' was introduced to them for their execution and implementation.

Therein however lies arguably the biggest obstacle to the program. The program relies on the successful execution and without the requisite undivided support from the respective state football associations and to a greater degree, the Ministry of Education. Without those support, it will remain only a good program on paper.

Malaysian football has long lacked the right identity to take the game forward but with this new DNA, the game in the country now has a chance to break the next barrier and reach greater heights, but only if all parties stand united behind the program.


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