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'You send Messi a melon, he turns it into caviar!' - Griezmann lavishes praise on Barcelona star while denying any rift

3:26 AM IST 10/06/21
Antoine Griezmann Lionel Messi Villarreal vs Barcelona La Liga 2020-21
The Frenchman denied speculation that he and the Argentine do not have a strong relationship

Antoine Griezmann has insisted his relationship with Barcelona team-mate Lionel Messi is strong, saying the Argentine is so easy to play with it's as if he can turn a "melon" into "caviar."

There has been speculation over the state of the pair's relationship since Griezmann joined Barca from Atletico Madrid in 2019.

The France star's uncle hit out at Messi last year, while his former advisor also said Messi's attitude toward Griezmann was "deplorable."

What was said?

Speaking to L'Equipe, Griezmann said of Messi: "[Our relationship is] good. We get along well. We sometimes write messages to each other, we communicate a lot in training.

"On the pitch, he's obviously a super easy player to play with. You send him a melon, he turns it into caviar! We don't have that pressure to miss a pass with him.

"In the game, things get better and better. This year, it was a bit complicated because we had a lot of injuries and we played in a system where everyone was not necessarily in their best position. But we are going to start a new season with new recruits, it will go better."

Griezmann admits he hasn't always been happy at Camp Nou

Griezmann also spoke out about his two years at Barcelona, admitting that he was upset during times he wasn't seen as a first-choice player.

Asked if he'd ever been unhappy at Camp Nou, the 30-year-old said: "Yes. When you lose the league, for example, it makes me sad.

"At the start of the season too, because I wasn't playing, I didn't feel important. I am used to playing every game, the big matches.

"I found myself on the bench against Real Madrid (a 3-1 loss in October 2020). It made me mad to see my team-mates warming up on the pitch while you're next to it.

"But these are the coach's choices and you have to accept them and do everything possible to change his mind."

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