Wrexham slammed as 'disrespectful' with Sheffield Utd's Sharp 'glad' to have stopped FA Cup run

Billy Sharp mock WrexhamGetty Images
  • Mocked away fans with fake crying
  • Called Wrexham disrespectful in interview
  • Wrexham coach fires back at Sharp

WHAT HAPPENED? Sharp apparently didn't like the media attention around Wrexham, who are owned by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. After scoring the go-ahead goal in stoppage time Tuesday, he wound up the visiting fans before criticising his opponents in an interview.

WHAT DID THEY SAY? "I think they've been disrespectful with a few things before the game, thinking they were already through," he said. "I'm glad we've beaten them."

AND WHAT'S MORE: Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson responded to Sharp's antics by telling reporters: "I was a bit disappointed with Billy to be honest - shouting down the tunnel. I think he was disrespectful. The message to Billy is: ‘You’re better than that. Our players are humble people.’"

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Reynolds and McElhenney said they were proud of Wrexham after the defeat, posting to social media as they reacted to the outcome.

WHAT NEXT FOR WREXHAM? Their FA Cup dream is done, but we can't wait to see the behind-the-scenes film of their near-upset of Sheffield United in the next season of "Welcome to Wrexham" which is expected later this year.