Gio Reyna was underused as Borussia Dortmund threw away the Bundesliga title - now the USMNT attacker needs to become a star in 2023-24

Gio Reyna celebrate Dortmund StuttgartGetty Images

To put it lightly, the last year-and-a-half or so has not been kind to Gio Reyna. It began with a slew of injury issues that derailed his progress. It continued on to a World Cup overshadowed by an unfathomable controversy that included blackmail and betrayal. And then, on Saturday, with a chance to end the season on something of a high, Borussia Dortmund totally threw away the Bundesliga title, with Reyna powerless as his side handed Bayern Munich another trophy.

One one of the lasting images from the draw with Mainz was Reyna clearly shaken after the final whistle. It’s become something of a common sight, a teary Reyna, as unfortunate as that is. For a player that is so naturally talented, nothing has gone right for quite some time.

Which leads us to the future, both immediate and long-term. Reyna will soon join up with the U.S. men’s national team most likely, giving him a chance to distance himself a bit from the disappointment in Dortmund. The German giants will then tour the U.S. this summer, where Reyna will likely be a star attraction in the club’s friendlies.

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The Bundesliga season will then begin as Dortmund and Reyna will have to go again in yet another attempt to take down Bayern. And, for Reyna, 2023-24 is his most important season yet.

After several years of setbacks, missteps and disappointments, next season should be the season Reyna finally makes the leap as he begins his age 21 season. And next season should be the season that Dortmund finally unleash Reyna and let him flourish after stifling him for so long.