Why He Yi Yi is China’s most special football player

His limits on the pitch know no bounds despite the limits to which he can push himself physically - the Chinese footballer is adored worldwide

Knowing when not to give up and pushing on in the face of adversity is the hallmark of a champion.

We are lucky to live in the era of many such individuals who inspire us every day.

He Yi Yi is one such individual whose limits on the football pitch know no bounds despite the limits he can push himself to physically. The Chinese footballer is adored worldwide because of his attitude of never giving up on the football pitch despite being differently abled.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Real Madrid Champions League

At the age of 12, the now 21-year-old was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer named osteosarcoma, which forced him to undergo an operation to amputate his left leg. Despite that, the Shanwei-born attacker has blossomed into something of a phenomenon in China

So impressed was the world with Yi Yi that he was invited to West Ham’s training ground last year besides being given a chance to meet the legendary Marcelo Lippi, the Chinese national team coach.  Little known to others, Yi Yi is also a 2015 Paralympics champion in Asia’s largest nation. 

Clear Men is eager to call him a champion, and we can see why. 

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Featured in a recent commercial for the Chinese Launch of Clear shampoo for Men, the specially-abled player is seen genuinely defying belief as he marauds around the football pitch at his alert best, zooming past defenders on crutches and shooting acrobatically past the goalkeeper.

Despite many impediments, he matches the incredible pace of the game, even jumping high enough to challenge for headers, using all but his crutches for support.

The importance of a strong mind and incredible mental fortitude is on show for all to see as Yiyi breaks all the stereotypes around specially-abled athletes with ease.

Cristiano Ronaldo | Portugal | 2016

Be it using a skip rope to show his athleticism or swimming at full tilt in the glassy blue water, Yiyi has shown that that the differently abled are no less if they apply themselves. He makes fans forget the fact that he is differently abled while performing steps ups and other football tricks.  

The biggest message one can garner from Yi Yi’s indomitable spirit is that the inner-self must learn to achieve its potential through application and execution, no matter what the obstacle is.  
Just like Cristiano Ronaldo!