Wanderers confirm FFA infringement notice for derby banner

Western Sydney CEO John Tsatsimas claimed the A-League club won't let its reputation be tarnished by a "disrespectful" minority

Western Sydney Wanderers have confirmed Football Federation Australia (FFA) has sent them an infringement notice for the vulgar, homophobic banner displayed by the Red and Black Bloc (RBB).

In a statement released on Wednesday, Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas declared the club are working with ANZ Stadium, security and FFA to identify those responsible for the banner, which was raised during the second half of Saturday's A-League derby versus Sydney FC.

While the RBB has shown no remorse for the tifo, which depicted a blue man conducting oral sex, Tsatsimas made it clear the club consider it "completely unacceptable".

'F*** off' - RBB slam FFA's response to vulgar banner

"We confirm that the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club has today received an infringement notice relating to supporter behaviour from Football Federation Australia due to the actions of some fans during the match against Sydney FC on the weekend at ANZ Stadium," he said. 

"The Western Sydney Wanderers will be responding to the notice within the time frame provided.

"Notwithstanding that the club has yet to submit its response, Western Sydney Wanderers FC unequivocally states - and reinforces its position provided on Sunday after the match - that it does not in any capacity welcome, authorise or condone the display of imagery depicted in a banner on Saturday night. It is an affront to many on a multitude of levels and is completely unacceptable."

Western Sydney Wanderers 1 Sydney FC 0

Throughout the club's history, the Wanderers have generally stood by their fans, with Tsatsimas having previously been a vocal critic of FFA's banning procedure before a reviews process was introduced early last year.

"The club will continue to support the rights of our members and fans who display passionate support for this team in an appropriate, civil and respectful manner and we will not allow our members and club's reputation to be affected by the disrespectful actions of a few," Tsatsimas said.

"As a club made up of the most diverse and inclusive cross-section of members and fans in Australian sport we are committed to working with FFA and our stadiums to ensure our matches remain a positive family friendly environment."

FFA extend Wanderers' suspended points deduction

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It has been reported that FFA will fine Western Sydney for the actions of the RBB but the club already have a suspended three-point penalty for poor fan behaviour hanging over their heads until the end of the season.

The penalty was initially handed down following the lighting of flares and detonators during an A-League clash with Melbourne Victory just over a year ago and was extended - rather than triggered - when Wanderers fans ignited flares at the Sydney derby on October 8.