Shahrom Kalam admits mistakes, Indra praises Kelantan's effort

Perak's Shahrom Kalam (Perak) vies for the ball with Kelantan's Mohammed Ghaddar 1/3/2017
Vincent Phoon/ CSN
Perak players are at fault for the 4-2 defeat to Kelantan according to Shahrom, while Indra is happy with Kelantan's teamwork.

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Perak captain, Shahrom Kalam believed the 4-2 defeat to Kelantan has put the Bos Gaurus under pressure but admitted it was the players' mistakes that led to the defeat.

Insisting that the defeat has got nothing to do with their change of head coach, Shahrom said the players must take full responsibility for the defeat.

“We lost this home game due to our own mistake. The philosophy (by Mehmet Durakovic) is still the same. We must be very disciplined and give our full focus.”

“The mistakes tonight came from the players. We have to admit this because we conceded soft goals to them.”

“We lost our focus, and in football, that is a big mistake so that is the reason we lost the game. We must bounce back in the upcoming match.”

For Kelantan’s Indra Putra Mahyuddin, the away win showed that Kelantan have a great determination to always get a win.

Indra Putra Mahayuddin, Kelantan, PKNP, FA Cup, 14/02/17

Indra Putra Mahyuddin

“This is a very good game for us. We showed good performance and great teamwork and that is why we got the three points.”

“We got the advantage in the second half because we managed to make good runs and we succeeded. This showed that we have great determination to always get the win.”

Kelantan recorded the win after a solid display from Lebanese striker Mohamad Ghaddar and midfielder Badhri Radzi.

Vladmir Mirchev scored both of Perak's goals but they were not enough as Perak continued to record a win since former boss Karl-Heinz Weigang left the team last month.


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