'This weird, crazy American' - Seattle-based Wrexham fan goes viral after travelling to Stockport game - only to watch Red Dragons lose 5-0

BurkeyShark splitGetty Images & (@BurkeyShark on X)
  • Traveled to Wrexham from Seattle
  • Red Dragons lost 5-0
  • Suffered hazing online

WHAT HAPPENED? American soccer fan Dana Burkey traveled to the UK to watch her beloved Wrexham AFC while visiting a friend abroad, only to see the Red Dragons fall 5-0 to Stockport on the day. Burkey, who found out about the club through it's celebrity ownership and famous TV documentary, was gifted her ticket by a fan who could not make the game - a gesture which moved her to tears on social media. However, her story unfortunately attracted some negative attention.

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WHAT THEY SAID?: “Everyone online has made huge assumptions about me,” Burkey told The Athletic. “It makes me look like this weird, crazy American.”

“When people were saying things like, ‘I’d have a cry if I went to Stockport too,’ that was pretty funny,” she said. “But then people started to get really rude — ‘She’s an American fan, she’s fake, she’ll never be back…’ it went from just banter to really rude.”

She added: “The result wasn’t great but I got to experience the atmosphere; it was amazing... everyone had their heart in the game."

WHAT NEXT FOR WREXHAM? The Red Dragons will look to bounce back when they host Crewe on Saturday.